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Customer respect

There is a price difference from retail store and online of over $25. Petco is finding new ways of loosing your trust and of ripping people off!!! Also found that items priced on the shelf are not the same as what you get charged at the register. Higher charge of course! When I brought this to their attention they tried to pass it off as a convenience charge. The fact that I happen to be near a petco store while I was visiting friends I had to pay extra for the item. A price of a product should be the price of the product. especially within the same company. a few dollars difference I may understand but over $25. absurd!!!!
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Like with all other major retailers, the difference in online price and in-store price is normal. There is a huge difference in the overhead for products bought online and those bought in-store.

Distribution is completely different when you do it through the website. Check the websites of any big box store that has distribution through their website (Walmart, Target, etc) and you will see their policy is the exact same as Petco.


You probably didn't notice that there is normally a cheaper price, which is the PALS price, and then the normal price, for people without PALS. I have people like you at the register all the time.


I had the same thing happen. what a bunch of crooks!!

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Gift card scam, poor service!

Have a gift card, better use it fast,they will take your money $2. per. month. Don't ask to check your balance, with an attitude they tell you to call 800 #. This is what service has come to. Poor! Hidden damages on merchandise. Poor selection! Have taken my business to Petsmart, friendly,customer is respected, with a smile,thank you for shopping at Petsmart. We have both stores, guess the Petco won't be there long. Good for them, won't miss them at all. This was not always the case, they joined the scam card, poor service club.
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that is a crock that doesnt happen any store much less petco. that would be illegal and petco would be out of business.know what your talking about before you speak


not in california they don't.

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Petco is the Anti-Christ

About 18 years ago I discovered Petco in southern California. It was a great place to shop because of the knowledgeable and friendly staff, great products and a place where I could get all of my pet supplies. About 2 years into my loyalty to Petco, all of the great reason I shopped there were on the decline. The knowledgeable and friendly staff that knew me all by name were slowly being replaced with very young inexperienced unfriendly staff. If I need help you had to hunt someone down that never had any answers. The impeccably clean store I shopped in now was very dusty, dirty and not well kept. I brought my concerns to the manager/friend several times and she would either help me with my needs or take care of the problem. It didn't take much longer and with there decrease in quality and increase in prices I have had enough. My last visit I went to the manager (who had been replaced with a younger inexperienced one) and voiced my concerns. I said Ive been a customer for almost 3 years and the steady decline of the quality of service you provide and the unsanitary conditions you keep the store, fish tanks etc... I'm taking my $150.00 - $200.00 I spend a week on my animals somewhere else. His response was " Sorry to see you go" and walked away. Over the years I've used a handful of different Petco's when I was in a pinch and things have not changed. Fish tanks are dirty with dead fish floating, store is dirty and staff rather carry on conversations about parting and whos screwing who then help with bloat, mites or testing for PH. Now here is what leads me to writing this complaint. Due to the huge pet food recall of 2007 I've been watching all of the premium brands of pet foods for additional recalls and class action suits. I was using Nutro and EVO pet food but because of additional recalls for different toxic chemicals other then Melamine and because of the numerous class action suits for not disclosing whats really in the food, I came to the conclusion that Natural Balance Ultra Premium formula was the best for my cats. They use all human grade food (not rotten, decaying, diseased ridden animals) and the most important first 5 ingredients are Chicken Meal, Chicken, Brown Rice, Salmon Meal, Barley, Oatmeal. So I used Natural Balances locate a store on there website and the closest retailer to me is......up...PETCO.... so I thought it's been years since I've stepped in any of there stores and now living in northern California why not. So I went to Petco's website and it states they sell it for $28.99 for the 15 lb bag. I arrive at Petco 10/19/09 at 7:30 pm and upon walking in the door and looking for the cat food section I find my NB food and it says $33.99???? So I pick it up and travel over to the fish department,the fish tanks were nasty with algae and dead fish floating. When I found 2 associates laughing and giggling I told them about it and they said "we know". I went to the register to check out, I told the cashier on there website it says $28.99? She said " Petco on line is a different Petco and there not related"! (The cashier then handed my wife a instant $1.00 off coupon to fill out) and I said if your not the same Petco why on there site does it locate this store? "I don't know" she said. So I asked her for her corporate number, she said it would be on the receipt. I said that's your customer service number, I want corporates! she made a call and then wrote down a number and gave it to me. I then stormed out and left my wife to finish the transaction. When I arrived home I asked for the receipt it was the SAME NUMBER..and to top it off, the $1.00 instant coupon my wife filled out WASN'T EVEN REFLECTED ON THE RECEIPT!!!!!!!! Not only was I charged $5.00 more then what the price on the Internet said but they also didn't comp me my $1.00 coupon. So I came home and googled Petco+complaints...OMG..I'm not even going to start. Then I googled Petco+recalls and found out not only have there stores been dirty and unsanitary for over 18 years that I know of but so is there main distribution center, in fact the FDA seized a bunch of there it is.At the request of the US Food and Drug Administration US Marshals today seized pet food products from the Petco Animals Supplies Distribution Center in Joliet, IL. This comes after a warrant was issued by the US District Court in Chicago. The pet food storage facility violated the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act because it allegedly had been storing pet food under "unsanitary conditions" during an FDA inspection of the Petco distribution center in April of this year. During the April inspection FDA inspectors reported "widespread and active rodent and bird infestations". After a follow-up visit last month FDA officials found "continuing active and widespread infestation". Margaret Glavin, Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs had this to say about the pet food seizure at the Petco distribution center: Consumers expect that such safeguards will be in place not only for human food, but for pet food as well. And this is what PETCO's site says. We're committed to providing a safe, healthy and humane environment for companion animals in our stores and to setting a standard for pet parents to follow. At PETCO, animals always come first, and our people make it happen. We hire passionate, dedicated animal-lovers to work at PETCO. Our associates are in our stores every day, interacting with customers and helping them make the right choices to care for their pets. To ensure they're experts in animal care, we invest in ongoing, advanced training and education for all store associates and managers. What a FRIGGIN JOKE!!!!! If you shop at PETCO or know anybody who does pass along the word. Lets stand together and boycott PETCO. Anybody who continues to shop at PETCO after reading this should have there mental state evaluated and have there pet removed from them for ABUSE!
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Wow. You ARE ***.

I am so tired of *** customers not understanding basic economics!! You learn about this in elementary school people! When you buy retail, you pay overhead prices because it cost money to run a store!!

You are right about one thing though, the company has gone down hill in the last 3 to 4 years.

It started when the company went from being publicly traded to privately owned. Stop blaming the employees for things they can't control. Corporate has significantly cut stores' payroll. Which doesn't give the employees time to do everything that needs to be done.

It's actually very stressful. That's probably why you've been encountering so many young and inexperienced employees.

The old employees probably got tired of being treated like *** by corporate and quit. Lucky ducks.


There is no way that we can charge the online price in stores. Please keep in mind that we have to pay to have our freight shipped to us, have our associates unload our freight, plus we do have people that are knowledgeable about any food questions that you have.


Petco is a beautiful well-stocked store. Too bad it takes 20 minutes in line to purchase something.

First they try to talk each customer into filling out an app for their card, then you have to wait for the app to be filled out, then you have to wait for the cashier to put info in the computer. They really need to get their act together.


There are over 1000 stores in the Petco corporation. Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean that Petco is a bad company.

There are a lot of associates and managers who absolutely care about the welfare and well being of the animals in their stores. This website is *** and just a place for people to start rumours

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Sacramento, California
Petco Coupon

Stay away from Petco - Poor customer service and their really messed up customer database

Frequent trips to Petco in Baileys Crossroads, VA have been extremely frustrating. They entered my customer information incorrectly and seemed completely unable to recognize it was a problem. Never even offered to heop. They have just a few things to do in their jobs: order products, help customers find products, check out customers, and enter and review database information. As an add-on, maybe they'll help you to your car with very heavy stuff. The store manager was rude, unimaginative, and lazy about resolving the problem HE and HIS STAFF had caused. Yeesh! How hard is it to figure out there's a Petco Corporate is no better and in fact an exchange with the national operation reinforces why their customer service ethic stinks. Go elsewhere! (This complaint doesn't even address their mishandling of live animals, which is amply addressed elsewhere on this site with other complaints).
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peco sucks never go there again my cat came home all wet they tried to tell me they dried him but never did


You don't even have the ability to form sentences properly and you think you could do my job? HA!!!

I blame the tv commercials. People think that working at a pet store involves playing with the animals all day and doing a minimal amount of work.

That's a joke. It is one of the hardest retail jobs there is.

You try stocking dog and cat litter for eight hours, helping moronic customers like yourself, cleaning up urine and *** from customer's pets (because they are too lazy to do it themselves), taking care of a variety of animals properly, catching animals and being bitten on a regular basis and cleaning animals' cages and the store.

It's not easy and it certainly isn't fun.


I apologize for the bad customer service you received. However, it is not our responsibility to make sure you filled out the form correctly.

We do not know how to spell your last name, we do not know your phone number, and we do not know your address. There is no way for us to know that it was done improperly. I will explain to you how it works: the customer fills out the form, we put it in an envelope and send it to corporate, someone there puts it on a scanner, the scanner then uses the information it picks up to enter all the information into the system. It is your responsibility to make sure everything is legible and spelled correctly.

After it has been entered into the system the only thing we can do in the store is change your phone number and change your email address.

If something other than that needs to be done it is up to you, either on or by calling the customer service phone number. I am sorry if this sounds rude, but I get frustrated when customers blame things on us that we have no control over.


I worked for petco grooming for 7years. our salon was 9th in the nation and we had great groomers.And then corporate screwed it all up.

they don't care about there employees or customer loyalty. They only care about the almighty dollar and over selling and over pricing. We would get threatened over not selling enough add ons. All of us in grooming this passed year have left working else where with our loyal clinits.

I wont ever shop there and I'll never work for corperate again. they suck!!!!!!!!!!


I worked for petco grooming for 7years. our salon was 9th in the nation and we had great groomers.And then corporate screwed it all up.

they don't care about there employees or customer loyalty. They only care about the almighty dollar and over selling and over pricing. We would get threatened over not selling enough add ons. All of us in grooming this passed year have left working else where with our loyal clinits.

I wont ever shop there and I'll never work for corperate again. they suck!!!!!!!!!!


Hahahaha I'd like to see all you work there..It's a lot harder then you think..dealing with the general public sucks..most people are idoits or have anger issues




"They have just a few things to do in their jobs: order products, help customers find products, check out customers, and enter and review database information."

Excuse me. I am offended. Not only do you make it sound like we do BRAINLESS work, but you illude the IDEA that you could do my job. Who do you think manages our saltwater aquariums? Who feeds our snakes and lizards? Better yet, who knows HOW to do this on a daily basis?

I'm sure it's very easy to point to the Women's section in Khols, but I personally don't even consider Petco retail.

As far as the other complaints on our handling, I am sorry to admit that there are not nearly the number of people working at Petco that should care. I am embarrassed to work with some of the people I work with (unfortunately, this is a corporate issue that I cannot handle), but I think you should take into account the people that care and make a difference. The complaints I hear about other Petco's are disgusting, and I assure you that customers and animals do not recieve this treatment when I work.


Just so you know.. the associates at the store don't enter your information, it is scanned at their corporate headquarters, so if there was a hard to read letter or something missing, they are not in charge of it. The computers don't let them update it, for privacy protection, but you can do it online or by phone.


Sorry to hear about your poor customer service experience with Petco. You might want to give PetFoodDirect a look.

There are far more choices for pet food and supplies available online than either Petco or Petsmart offer.

There is a coupon code on the SPCA Facebook group for 15% off, it's FBPET02. Check them out at

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Reston, Virginia
Petco Manager


I would like to know how PETCO could sell a product, K9 Advantix, which can burn a dog's skin so severe that the vet says it may kill the skin in the area and leave a big hole in this dog’s neck where the K9 Advantix was applied. K9 Advantix needs a much stronger warning on the label telling of the real possibility of permanent skin damage. I also Believe PETCO needs to educate it's staff so they may educate the pet owner as to the real dangers of these flea medications and what to look for to catch any problem that may arise. PETCO could even give some advice as to alternatives to these poisons. In closing, no product should be sold in a store that can cause this kind of damage without some serious discussion at the time of purchase.
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Frontline burnt our Lab.


The headline for this complaint should read, "my dog had an allergic reaction and I need to blame someone!"

Why is it petco's fault that your dog had an allergic reaction? It's an issue that you should have addressed by the manufacturer, K9 Advantix. Then again there is a WARNING label on the box. Maybe you should start reading those things.


You made my day!! Hilariously true!


I agree with both Lena and Marie. I've worked at a pet store for 2 years now and I have customers come in all the time with the same ignorance. And usually the owners are over medicating their dogs with flea/tick medicine, shampoo and flea/tick collars.


good point Lena. also, not every dog will react to chemicals in the same way.

some dogs have allergic reactions to flea treatment, and some have allergic reactions to wheat. should customers purchasing food containing wheat have to listen to an employee warn them of the potential allergic reactions?


This is a ridiculous complaint. YOU as a consumer should do your own research, especially when using CHEMICAL treatments on your pet. Your complaint is akin to saying "I can't believe that grocery store sells liqour and cigarettes"

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Portland, Oregon


Today I went to the grand opening of our new PETCO and after gather all the products and standing in the long line.. one of their reps told me I need to become a member.. if I did not then I would not get any discounts.. what discounts the prices were high.. I started to fill it out and omitted my address and she said they needed it or "NO DISCOUNTS".. I asked why do they need my address?.. "so we can send you coupons and newsletters" was her response. Outraged I left without purchasing the items and headed to my local KMart and bought my supplies without the hassle of forms or them filling my mailbox with all their trash. Our world is filled with too much unnecessary trash and plastic cards. We don't need a PETCO in Kona.. go back to the mainland! I know some people who are orginally from the mainland may think otherwise.. if they do they can go back with PETCO too! One less Consumer.
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Wow..get over yourself..God forbid someone is trying to help you save money..jesus


What a lunatic. You get coupons a few times a year. Chill out.


Petcos CEO

Brian K. Devine

His numbers personel numbers

888-583-**** x3046


tell him Rodney sent you


You're getting angry because the cashier was trying to save you money? Your laziness to fill out a simple form should not be the reason for your "anti Petco" feelings.


obviously the cahsier didn't explain the point of the pals card to you, but then you probably didn't give him/her a chance - you probably just started freaking out. there is a box you can check on the pals application to not receive anything in the mail. but that probably would have been too hard for you.


They need your address so that they can send you your coupons for FREE food when you buy ten bags and your FREE groom when you get 8 in a year. You also get other coupons a FEW times a year.

Not like they send you stuff every day. Your a nutcase.


Safeway has a discount card because they don't fill my mailbox with junks. Petco wants my address so they can send me junk that I don't want.

There's a big difference to me!!!

I have not received one mail from any of our local grocery stores, gas stations, etc. I give them one year and they will be gone.


It's a discount card... I don't see what the problem is.

Grocery stores, gas stations, etc all have the same thing. It's not like they were asking you for your social security number.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Petco Grooming

I took my pup to petco for what I thought was a bath and trim. I had an appointment with Gene who snipped some of my dogs nails down to the quick and did not trim her. When I called back about the hair on her rear not being cut I was told I was given the special and didn't say anything about a trim. I had already made my appointment and was not looking for a deal. I haven't had my pup groomed before and if I tell someone I want to have my pup groomed that does not mean I want a $30 bath. I took her back the next day to have her rear trimmed but they have lost a customer. They are terrible and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. All they want to do is push this free dog food off on the customer. I don't want any free dog food and they tried to give me a second case and I told them no because I had already tossed the first one.
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Groom doesn't equal a haircut. It's a term used for either a hair cut or a bath. You need to specify what you want before making assumptions that you're going to get a specific service.


agreed with ***

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Livonia, Michigan
Petco Grooming Service
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I Hate Petco!

A few days ago I went to my local petco which happens to be in Sandusky, OH. The grooming shop is viewable thru glass windows by all customers. What myself and my daughter witnessed was appalling. The woman groomer hated her job so much that she openly abused a large poodle in plain site of customers. She pulled this dogs ears, grabbed his face and was holding his mouth while preceding to yell in this poor dogs face. She was centimeters from his eyes yelling. When she wanted it to move she pulled its ears as hard as she could. I was appalled and disgusted by this womans actions. There were young children watching. Bottom line: Never get your animals groomed at Petco. Just because they have glass windows that yor can see them thru does not mean that they will not harm your animal. Petco is disgusting.
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I was fired today by a PETCO in TX. I have been a groomer for 26 years and gave worked for this store twice.

I am a canine massage practitioner and have owned and managed several salons. I took a stand against a bullying, dishonest salon manager who was friends with three of our store managers including the general and district managers. I was labeled a trouble maker and they fired under false accusations.

PETCO is a dirty company. They care nothing for the animals or their employees.


Petco has virtually no competitors as far as pet stores go and Petco prices everything higher than what it should be. Products found in other stores that are exactly the same as products Petco sells cost way less.

Petco highers *** because any expert would quit immediately. The workers that side with Petco will eventually make it illegal and unaffordable to own a pet. Pets will only be available in petting zoos. Notice that if you have a large dog or unusual animal, Petco makes it harder for you to buy things for them(even though they have a wide array of products including $200 cat trees that no one will ever buy).

Petco and animal control (as opposed to no kill shelters and rescues) go hand in hand. The peting zoos will eventually be run by Petco and its other store, Petsmart.


I keep seeing on this post I HATE PETCO! Problem is here that people who are seeing bad things(which happen in every company i assure you) arent doing anything about it.

Report your issue to coporate and keep reporting eventually a good person will hear it, contact you about it and stand for what is right. people now a days are too lazy to stand for what they belive is right. if you go into a store and the prices are lower elswhere then fine go to a lower priced store but if your seeing mistreating of animals fight for them!

There are lazy mean people out there affecting our every day life, be the good person and get legal justice this world needs to stay afloat. Saying I HATE is just bringing more hatred into this world


To PETCO Customers,

Please do not judge all PETCO groomers based on this review. We are trained to handle dogs with care and compassion. The problem with this one groomer is a widespread problem in the grooming industry in general, not just PETCO. Any groomer can have a bad, selfish attitude and mistreat dogs or rip off customers. The beauty with a store like PETCO is that groomers like that are breaking rules and can be run out if others will just step up and do something about it. I love my job. I work very hard, and I treat all of the animals and customers the same way I would want my pet or myself to be treated. I can't stand working with people with a bad or selfish attitude and I do something about it.

To other PETCO Employees,

You are complaining to the wrong people. This website can't do anything about your selfish, cruel GSM or your poorly maintained store. But you know what can? A call to the hotline. If you don't like something, complain through the proper channels. Coming from someone who's gone through it 3 times now for different incidents at different stores, I promise you that if you make a big enough stink over something that is legitimately against the company's policies, someone higher up will hear you and will do something about it. Don't get on the internet and complain if you've never tried to fix it through the company.


Why you should boycott petco:

They are now "writing up" and maybe firing employees that do not sell enough dog training classes. I don't want to be harassed about extras every time I walk in.

They are pushing employees so hard they don't have time to help anyone. Too expensive anyway!


I have worked for petco for 14 years. I have been in 5 stores.

The store I am in now is the worst. The grooming manager steals your commission. She takes all the dogs for herself. This Sat.

she had 10 dogs. I had 2 dogs & the other groomer had 2 dogs. We have told the GM & he does not care. She charges people less money for a BIG tip.

She does not clean.

The animal care is horrible. I am leaving Petco & opening my own shop.

NERVER shop at petco.


This is my petco experience a salesperson at our local petco clarence, ny sold my husband the wrong size filter.since it was xmas I didn't discover the problem until christmas morning. my husband returned it with a receipt. The manager there would only give him store credit because it was after 30 days even with a receipt. it was christmas time and my husband is not a last minute shopper! Every business extends their policy for the holidays!! It was also clearly unopened!

So anyway I take my store credit and purchase an eheim classic 2217 filter which their website states is instock they still do. 2 months have gone by no filter! We have tried contacting them, my emails get blown off. Annie B. Customer Relations Coordinator keeps telling me she will out of the office for 3 days call a rep instead. She acts like I'm bothering her. when we do call the reps lie over and over again saying that it is instock now you will get it. Guess what never happens. This is an incredibly bad company with terrible policy and dishonest workers. I will be contacting b&b also. I found this website as I was looking for the ceo contact info so I thought I'd add my complaint.

Also have found so many sad abuse cases unreal.why is this company still in business?


Rodney, Email me norcalnotary@***.com i mistakenly purchased an animal and I have issues with its health and I need help...PETCO needs to stop selling pets!Monique


I am very happy with where I work. Been here for over 2 yrs.

Petco actually provides us with most things that we need and as soon as we can get the supplies in. We are a tiny store but my coworkers are animal lovers to the heart and I have never witnessed any abuse and I have certainly never mistreated any animals. I treat customers' animals as I would treat my own babies. Animals are our first priority.

I am very sorry for the other two employees who have had bad experiences with the company... I have obviously had a completely different experience. I guess it just depends on how someone may view it... Maybe the groomer actually was talking to the dog or changing her tone so the dog understands.

It is all in a persons tone that communicates to an animal.

Though, I agree that pulling at an animal and hurting them is not excusable. I would never do that.


Kinda strange you all are bashing petco I use the petco in SANDUSKY for my dogs to be groomed mothly they have two great groomers there and all their managers know my dogs by name. Maybe she was was talking to the dog. i have NEVER been concernd for my pets safety and I get about 20 grooms a year.

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Walnut Creek, Ohio
Petco Grooming Service
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PETCO Grooming Sucks

I recently took my puppy to Petco for a full service bath which I was told included a 15 minute brush, bath, dry, ear cleaning, nail trim and some sort of funky little bandanna. Well I got the cute little bandanna but I'm pretty sure that is one of the most expensive bandannas I have ever paid for because let's face it, that's pretty much all they did. They scared the *** out of my dog by doing Lord knows what to him. His nails definitely weren't trimmed but rather, split from "climbing up the wall" as they told me. When I brought him home he wouldn't let me get near his feet and I can see places where his skin is beet red. His ears don't look like they have even been touched (which I'm almost thinking is a good thing considering his feet). Not only am I unhappy with Petco's grooming "service" but my puppy is a sad little camper. It's possible that I just happened upon a bad salon but let me just say if you are in Anchorage I recommend taking your doggy elsewhere. This was not a pleasant experience for either one of us.
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Took my golden Charlie to get a bath 2 months ago at the Granada Hills location, showed them his vaccination records, they gave him a bath and everything went fine. I had an appointment today , drove all the way out there (more than 15 miles from my home) for them to tell me that they couldnt groom him because his vaccinations needed "stickers " and i needed every receipt from his prior shots (who keeps every receipt from the vet?) I told them I had been there two months ago and they accepted his vaccination record and she said it must have just been a nail clipping -____- .

I guess i paid $60 to get his nails clipped and was never told. Never go here, they are ***


Run take your dog anywhere but Petco. My dog is used to being groomed, brushed daily, teeth cleaned.

Don't you dare put this off on the dog or the customer. Petco sucks, has unskilled labor, refuses to do as asked. Takes matters into their own hands. I'm just praying I can find a groomer closer to me than 1 hour away.

If needed I'll go two.

Never again under any circumstances will I bring my dog to them again. :(


I brought my dog to Petco for grooming. We have been there before but the quality of service depends on who is working that day.

I brought my dog in for a grooming and said you don't have to trim his body but clean up his face so he can see and give him a sanitary cut. I noticed once we were in the car the fur was never touched on his snout or around his eyes or mouth. the hair is in his mouth and is blocking his eyes.

Also he still has a little *** stuck in the fur around his behind, the same amount tht was there when I brought him.. How do I know that a groomer is on premises and not just helpers?


puppies are usually very frightened from the entering the salon, through the entire grooming process, until the owner arrive. It is a whole new experience for pups and they are bombarded with so many new smells from just entering the salon to begin with.

Of course your pup might have been a little freaked out. :roll

Puppies are the hardest to groom and take much more time and patience. It is true about the nails by the way. If the quicks (veins) are too long then they cannot be cut!

Dogs always scratch at thier cages or the tubs or even dig at the ground from the inside of thier cages.

That is probably why they might have split. You can always learn to groom your dog yourself...


I have worked as a Petco groomer for 2 years. Puppies are the hardest dogs to do because they have never had to deal with what we do to them.

I see dogs of all ages "climbing walls", scratching franticly at the cage doors making themselves bleed. It's a stressful situation for the poor little guys and girls but groomers are not to be blamed for this. The issue of the nails, the groomer might not have been able to cut the nails because the nails weren't long enough. Dog's have veins in their nails and if they are clipped, they will bleed and it could be painful for the dog.

The red skin is most likely brush burn.

Either the dog had some matts or if it was a short hair dog, the groomer brushed it for too long.

I suggest dealing with the puppy yourself rather than automatically assuming the groomers are to blame.


i agree puppies are the worse/hardest to groom. :( you should try it sometime @!!!!


:zzz :cry :( :x :? :) :roll :eek :grin ;) :upset 8) :p :sigh


It was your dogs first time to the groomer. Of course its going to freak out.

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Anchorage, Alaska
Petco Grooming Service
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Petco is where the pets shouldn't go!

I recently lost two baby rabbits and the frogs I had been raising for over a year. I walked into PETCO and decided I would cheer myself up. I was going to get myself an animal. I weighed my options and decided I had time and money for a hamster. I found a cute hamster and stood around for about 30 minutes waiting for SOMEONE to come ask me if I needed help. ..I started walking around looking for someone. Finally I went to the cashier and said I wanted to buy a hamster. She told some guy to do the paperwork. First he doesn't even care to see my ID. He is really rough taking the hamster out and throws stuff on other hamsters. I was really disturbed that the one hamster had a bad eye problem and possibly what looked like wet tail but mine looked fine. He gave me the paperwork with no instruction and didnt say hi or give me any information. I didn't even get eye contact! But I was too happy to have a new baby to really worry too much about the service. I was just in a rush to get home and set everything up. I get home and the hamster is in complete shock! He's so scared and injured from what the guy did! The animal started freaking out and screeching. And i tried to calm him down but to no avail. He died a while later and I was too devastated to take him back to petco so i put him outside. Good job petco. Alot of the animals there looked very sick and depressed to begin with. The worst part, there was a dead ferret in the one cage! So much for cheering up. I don't even want a fish at this point.
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We only ask to see an ID if you don't look like you're 18.

I don't believe your story either.

A dead ferret in a cage?! I don't think so. Ferrets rarely die. I've worked for Petco for almost a decade and we had maybe 3 ferrets total die in that span(most likely from a respiratory infection of some kind).

The ferret was probably sleeping and you're too *** to tell the difference.

I can't tell you how many times a customer has told me there was dead animal in a cage only to discover the animal was actually sleeping and I had to disturb their slumber. Poor things.


This story is a load of ***.


You do know that for hamsters, any change in environment means they need to be let alone for a couple of days because of stress right? They can get wettail from it REGARDLESS of where you get it and yes could get sick and die.

Oh and yes I work at Petco so go ahead and flame me but the person helping you should have told you that. I tell every person I help that they need at least 2 days of alone time to destress. Our hamsters look just fine and I have never seen a ferret die. Alot of people come into the store with ASSUMPTIONS though.

People think our lizards are dead when they are shedding, ect. I worked in a local pet store too and we STILL had hamsters get wettail.

Its just one of those things that happens. If you look for something hard enough, you WILL find it.



Okay so since I know a bit about hamsters, having had some before, suddenly I am a disgruntled employee? Obviously you are a store manager for a petco trying to cover up your ***.


How would you know that there is paperwork and that your ID was needed? Also how would you know what wettail is?

Perhaps youre a disgruntled former employee? We can see trough your lies.

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Treatment of Employees and a little inside

I used to work for Circuit City and left do to $600 owed to me. When I applied to Petco, I told the GM of the reason of leaving, she laughed and said that wouldn't happen. SO! Within the first 2 weeks of working, who owes me over $200? This is a horrible company...
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Whoa dude CALM DOWN! Most companies 'hold' your first paycheck, I'm not sure why but the first check from a job is usually rolled into the next pay period

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Petco Grooming

Took our Cocker spaniel to be groomed at Petco in Mid Rivers Missouri. Ticket said 11 bucks for the shave and 40 for the cocker cut and brush. WHAT BRUSH. The dog was shaved down to the skin on her entire body. They obviously had no clue as to what a cocker cut was....
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Yesterday we took our dog to Petco grroming. We had him for just over a month and he is a 4 month old puppy.

He is so lovable and we love him and so does all our friends and neighbors as he is very friendly. After we brought him back from petco grooming yesterday (2.5 hrs later and a very bad hair cut) he is really afraid of people. He was so scared of some chidren with whom he palyed fine till yesterday and ran away. When our neibours come near him he started running away and he was so scared he was peeing while he was running away.

What the *** they did to our friendly puppy? When he went in he was all happy and playing with the lady who took him in. He is not the same now. I am really worried if he will be normal again.

Thankfully, he is not afraid of us but has become lot more timid and he keeps curling up in a corner. We hope and pray that he becomes normal and not afraid of people again.

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Petco Grooming Service
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Stay away from Petco Grooming

I took my poodle mix to get groomed at Petco in porter ranch. When I left him they told me that he was very matted and that they had to cut his hair very short. I though that sounded reasonable but what they didn't tell me was that it was going to be very painful...
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Lol dont let your dog get hasnt breathed in a while what do you expect?

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Petco Grooming Service

Petco Complaint

Dog Grooming Salon-Full Service Bath(*** Tsu) on 2-3-08. Had 11Am app't, arrived on time, told to come back in 3 hours. Arrived at 2Pm, dog ready. Asked receptionist about bathing process and she stated "we wash it and put it in a cage to dry". Was shocked at this statement. Left immediately. Confusion about which leash and collar belonged to me dog. I would think these should be marked. When I got to my vehicle I realized there was animal *** on the handle of my leash. Sent e-mail to Petco on 2-3-08, no reply as of 2-l7-08. Location of store, Route 9(South Road),Poughkeepsie,NY.
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The store location was Montclair ca.


Worst place!!! To shop for pet supplies, Employees are clueless abt everything.

Did. They get Any training? Never, again i rather go to petsmart!! Now i realize .

Why its called petsmart!!! :(


Ferrets,Hamsters,Gerbils,Mice,Rats,Birds,Reptiles,Fish,are these not animals?


To Freebird: Petco does not sell dogs or cats. I think you have them confused with Petland.


There will never be a situation that the corporate people at PetCo.will respond to as long as the share holders are being fed.Animals will continue to be sold for profit and the short term entertainment of anyone who wants to buy them.It is an ugly industry that really should be stopped.


A good example of horrible customer service can be witnessed at the Poulsbo Wa. location.The store manager is the worst I have ever seen.She really does not seem to care about her job,how does she keep it?


Its privately owned freebird.... There aren't any share holders...







i brought my 6 yr old pekegenese to PetCo to be groomed and when they gave her back she had *** all over her. That was the least of my worries.

Within less than 24 hours my dog became severley ill, throwing up non stop, bloody diarrhea, extreamley weak, and has not ate one thing since shes been back from PetCo. The Vet gave her 3 different shots and meds and she has only gotten worse. The vet said her illness was contracted from another animal or pets *** and the only time she was ever around any other animal or in an environment where she could have contracted this illness was at PetCo being groomed. And she was the healthiest dog alive until taking her to get groomed at PetCo.

Also from the time she left PetCo to the time she got sick (the next morning less than 24 hours) was the most susceptible time she could have caught this virus. Its been three days and she has not improved, only got worse.

I wanted to write this so all the other animal lovers out there can learn from our lesson. :(


my sister, brother, and dad went today to adopt a little kitten, and since my brother was acting a bit ***, the lady who was giving info on the cats started to argue to my dad about 'You can't get a cat/kitten anymore.'

I understand why she said that, its just she sounded a bit rude there. My dad just said 'Excuse me for trying to give a cat a home, I am not sorry about how my son is acting, since you the one telling US that we can't get a 'loving' cat a nice simple home.'

She just started yelling at my dad, and pointing fingers again. My dad finally gave up on the crazy *** lady and left. Don't you think you would've gone 'godzilla' on them, if you have waited over a month to finally get a freaking cat, my sister then started crying, and now we have to get one online. This time, we can't actually see the cat and how it behaves to 4-9 year olds.

Thanks alot petco :(

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Petco Grooming Service