Prairieville, Louisiana
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Upon entering the store I noticed a young lady at the service desk for grooming I asked her where the Greenies dog treats were, she went into the store with me and helped me find them, she catered to all my needs and questions, when I went to checkout which is right in front of the grooming salon windows I noticed a blonde older woman being rough with this tiny little dog on her table she smacked its face, I told the girl at register and she said "yeah it happens alot with her". What kind of business do they do here!

I wanted to go smack her face, corporate had no response for me.

So if she does this infront of the windows what does she do behind closed doors. Never use this salon for pet services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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So, why didn't you confront her when you saw her do it??????? And, drag the store manager into it if you have to.