Wareham Center, Massachusetts

I had taken my shiba inu to this location for 3 years regularly to be groomed and had never experienced a problem. He very is well behaved great with people and children as i have 4 kids and never has he showed any sort of aggression.

The last time I brought him there, there was a new groomer who I had never met. When I picked my dog up he was acting very nervous and was trying to run out the door. The groomer told me he had to muzzle him and I just thought possibly something had scared him I never had a second thought until I got him home he was acting strange and seemed really scared very unlike his normal happy behavior. i was able to finally calm him down and I noticed under all four of his legs in the creases he was completely raw the hair was missing.

I was so upset. I called back and they told me he was so aggressive they had to tie him down. I've never had any complaints in the past I really can't understand why they couldn't call me and tell me to pick him up if he was so "aggressive". I have no respect for people who can harm innocent animals.

I now take him to a wonderful groomer in kingston by the name if Colby she is wonderful!

So if you are local to the area I highly recommend her!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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