Collingswood, New Jersey

Do not take your dog to Petco in cherry hill to be groomed! I arrived at Petco a few minutes before our appointment and was in line waiting to be waited on; the women in front of me who was a walk in and had no appointment was told her pup would be seen next!

I questioned the groomer and was told it shouldn't take that long (I was angry by that but figured I'd give them a chance...I should have left!)After scheduling an appointment at 11:00am and not hearing from the groomer for 4.5 hours I arrived to find my pup still in a cage ungroomed and frightened (he was shaking like a leaf); mind you he was bathed, but never completed! The groomer told me it would be another 45 minutes until he was ready which would have been over 5 hours!WITH THAT I TOOK MY DOG AND WILL NEVER RETURN THERE! This is animal cruelty!!! Please think twice before taking your pup to be groomed there!

My poor pup was a nervous wreck when i finally got him! I have contacted corporate and my next step is PETA!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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That's not animal cruelty.


How ironic that you'd mention contacting PETA in a complaint about animal abuse... :grin


Do you know what irony is? Apparently not.


Do you know anything about PETA? Apparently not.


First of all, that is not animal abuse. Dumb***.

Second of all, they do your dogs based on how well you treat them. Maybe if you didn't be rude, maybe they would have done your dog on time.

I hate ignorant customers like you. Try grooming several dogs a day when all they do is ***, whine, and *** all over the place, and on top of that, dealing with customers like you.


Honestly i cant believe.u reply to this woman with such attitude and disrespect. Typical of petco employees thats why i.left the company.

Especially the groomers rude and inexperienced. If u wanna complain about the dogs biting and such get a different job i sure wouldnt dog with u.


U meet me in a dark alley