Indianapolis, Indiana
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The Hamsters,gerbils,Guinea pigs,mice and rats are not being taking care of.There was no food in at least 3 habitats.I told the Manager Jen Brown and she basically did not care.I told her that there are two food bowls FULL of ***.She stated that mice do defecate in there food bowls.Then she walked away.This is not the first time I have seen this in that store.If managers can't take responsibility of the animals then maybe PETA should get involved.There has been many complaints and nothing done in this store.The owner of

Petco should do something since the manager at that store will do nothing.The district manager for this petco has also received many complaints and chose to do nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Rats,mice,gerbils & hamsters all take their food from their bowls and hide it in the corners of the cage and in their little houses. As the other commenter stated just because there is no food in the bowl does not mean there is not food in the habitat.

Also the animals *** in their bowls all day, everyday. However employees arrive hours before opening to care for the animals. The bowls are washed/replaced every morning and filled with fresh food.

Also the animals are checked hourly by the employees. I'm sorry the manager was rude and didn't explain these things to you.

On the other hand the fact that there is no bedding in that habitat IS an issue and should be brought up to the employees/management.


mice hide their food in their houses & bedding. Just cuz the food bowl is empty doesn't mean there's no food in the cage.

Also, mice DO *** in their bowls.

All the time: 5 minutes after you put clean bowls in, there is new *** on them. Unfortunately, mice defecate a lot.


Call the local humane society!!