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DO NOT GO TO GRANT, The rude groomer manager, that gave us an awful attitude, and a lame excuse for a lion haircut for our pomeranian, left him looking ridiculous, and refused to fix it - even though we had several costumers teaming up with us, trying to explain them how funny it looked!!! Mark, the assistant manager was not helpful at all - just nodding his head and saying there's nothing he can do.

We were judged and humiliated by them both, Grant trying to judge our character, and tell us who and what we are by how we "behave".

I told him that out dog is his business card - that's what people see on the streets - and he claimed that he has "plenty of other business cards" - and ours simply doesn't matter,

We left the store feeling cheated and unappreciated.

If you really care about your pet, Do not go near that store.

Will NEVER go back there again.

(Branch on 86th & Lexington Avenue, New York)

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $77.

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They both look wrong on both dogs the 1st is cut to the base of the neck the 2nd is to far down the back and the tail isn't trimmed correctly.


First of all, I don't think the so called "loin cut" is very flattering to a Pom anyway!!! Keep with the TRADITIONAL look for the type of dog for God's sake!!!!!

A Pomeranian is supose to have beautiful profuse fluffy fur. That cut RUINS the dog!!!!



wow thats really bad and i dont know what they were thinking the first is a beautiful cut but the 2nd one is really bad! as a groomer i would never even think of that!!


I am a grooming manager, too. The second picture is a lion cut that's usually placed on a Lowchen


OMG! The 2nd pic is the cut you got?

OMG! That is awful!

I am a grooming mgr at a PetCo and I can't believe they let a little Pom go out the ooor like that! Where did that person learn to groom????????


you seriously need to rethink about how you want your buisness card to look. that dogs *** ugly like that, you ruined him reguardless


The pictures are to demonstrate the damage they had done to my dog - 1st pic - what we had wanted - 2nd one - THE AWFUL RESULT!!!!! :(


I'm sorry that happened but honestly I couldn't stop laughing. I hope that you find a local reputable groomer and not go to the chain pet stores anymore