Spokane, Washington


My name is Katie. On July 26th our pet fish "Dorthy" that we had for 5 months died. My three year old daughter was devastated as you can imagine. So we had a little funeral for her and we went to Petco to purchase another fish. My daughter picked out a Betta Crowntail Male. She was so excited about the red and blue colors on the tale. Anyway, they next morning I noticed that the fish had died sometime during the night. I did not want my daughter to know that it had died so I quickly put it in a zip lock bag and drove over to Petco. I was told I needed to talk to the manager in the fish department "Shaun" . I explained to him what happened and showed him my receipt. He took one look at it and said that the girl the day before had rung me up wrong. She under charged me. She only charged me $3.99 and it should have been rung up at $6.99. He said since that happened he would not be able to replace it with a crowntail fish. He said he would replace it with a cheaper fish but not a crowntail fish. I explained to him I needed the exact same kind and color so my daughter would not notice. He was very rude to me and not sympathetic to my daughters feelings. He said I could pay the difference for a crowntail fish. It was a $3 dollar difference. After several minuts of begging him to replace my fish he just walked away from me. I told me I would not be shopping here anymore and his response was "that's fine!" He did not care about my business or my daughters feelings. It's a big deal to a 3 year old losing a pet. I was so upset. I have never had such bad customer service in my life. I had to hurry and get home so I had to pay the $3 difference so I could have the same fish. I was not happy. My mom, also shops at Petco and she said she will be taking her business elsewhere. She couldn't believe a PETCO employee acted that way. So Petco lost our business over $3. Not good business.



This happened at:


North 10 -Sullivan Road

Veradale, WA 99037


Date: 7/26/10

Problem with: Manager of Fish department Shaun

What I purchased: 000815586 Betta crowntail male

Reciept number: 7/26/10 7:34pm 257 01 1 08820

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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Former Petco Manager

Now don't get me wrong, I really dislike Petco and their policies, and I'm NOT defending them- but on another note- parents like this just irritate me. Just tell your kid the fish died!!!

She'll get over it!!!

My parents never shielded me from a pet's death, even at a young age- and I wasn't scarred for life. I can't stand parents who coddle their kids like this!


seriously.. 3 Dollars?


seriously.. 3 Dollars?


yeah i agree youre a *** since you were undercharged you should have paid the differance you ***


So because they made a price error once, you are entitled to get that same price error every time you come in? Sorry, doesn't work that way.

Did he refuse the return? No. Did he offer a solution? Yes.

You could have easily replaced the fish, and payed the difference for the correct price. OR you could have gotten a similarly colored regular male Betta and paid nothing.

No offense...your daughter is three. She'd probably not notice the change.