Cicero, Illinois

I recently bought a refillable container of petco brand cat litter, in the fragrance free. $10 for 30 pounds I thought it was a good deal only to get home and find sharp peices of broken glass in it!

Not to mention my cats refused to use it too. I called the manger at petco store , told me I can return it to get my money back. But no concern for their product . I'm very very upset with whatever manufacturers make this.

Also , no ingredient list on the product. Maybe , because it would say " CONTAINS BROKEN GLASS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would sue and make a lawsuit.

That is so sick.


You found broken glass in it when you got it home but didn't complain until your cats wouldn't use it? You gave your cats litter that had broken glass in it. You are nor the brightest crayon are you?