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Update by user Nov 18, 2012

I\'m finally not getting the error message. They did re-issue the rewards. Happy ending!

Original review posted by user Nov 17, 2012

We have had a Petco Pals Reward card for nearly 6 months. We shop there frequently and spend A LOT of money.

I have never been able to access my Pals Rewards. I got an email a few days ago saying we had nearly $40 in rewards to claim. I tried to log in, and it said it couldn't process my request at the time. It either says that, or says that it can't retrieve my rewards information.

I emailed customer service and he said I had EIGHT $5 rewards that are expired. I told him I have never been able to access them or use them, so he re-issued them. I STILL cannot access them and I am getting the feeling that I am getting ripped off big time!! You have to spend $100 to get a $5 reward and we have EIGHT expired ones and one or two unexpired ones.

We have spent nearly $1,000 at Petco since July and are not getting our earned rewards.

What a disappointment Petco! Unfortunately there is only one other pet store in our town!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Not sure what's wrong with your accounts because I use mine all the time. When I order something online and I go to check out, a option the use my rewards points shows up.

I check it and it deducts $5.00 from my purchase. I even use them in the store as well and I don't even have a physical card because I signed up online.

As for being ripped off, I'm not sure why your just not using them when you buy something in the store. Ripped off is more like if they were over charging you.


I've had many expired rewards in the past 8yrs or so and always wondered why I'm not getting them. Today I realize that we have to log onto their website online and actually load the rewards to our own card that they have control over.

My question to Petco is why don't they automatically load the rewards to my loyalty card when I'm awarded? This would of allowed me to use many more rewards that have simply gone expired since they allow you 1 1/2 months to use them or 'load them to the card' manually.

In my opinion, this extra step that makes us logon and load them manually causes many people to miss out on receiving valuable rewards. It should be automated!


Same problem here..I spend on an average 300-500 a month at Petco on my large dog and my fish. I cant even acces the website properly.

Every time not matter what time of day or night it is I call the 800 number for assist and get a recording. I'm starting to get pissed.


I'm told via email I have 5 rewards dollars I can spend online I was about to order this cage (Since I have a little under the price on card) then in told I have no pals rewards when I just the rewards a week and a half ago -_- like no bring the sale back up! That 1% you took off!

I want my small animal mansion! What valentine's day gift is this?!?


This happens to me literally every time I try to access my rewards. It states the system is undergoing maintenance, yet every other part of the website is available, including purchasing. I am tempted to report them to the BBB for fraud since I spend a lot of money each month and they market PALs rewards, yet, you can't access the rewards ever.


I am having the same problem with logging in. i recieved an email telling me I have rewards, but the systwm will not allow me to log in.

I will be contacting Petco in the hope that they can/will assist with this problem.

FYI, Brian, it is not always user error. Databases do crash and data can become corrupted, denying people to access their information.


Its not hard to claim your rewards. You should get an email, or be able to log into the website and claim them.

If you havent been able to its a lack of effort on your part. Petco isnt going to drive to your house to hand deliver your rewards to you but they do everything else to get you your rewards.

Or you're one of the *** who doesnt want to give us your email address. Either way, your bad....


I am able to access my rewards via and after logging in I choose the Pals Rewards tab and click on Rewards & Transaction History. Kjreynolds2165, I would asked for a gift card for the particular amount of which they owe you instead of fussing around with the website for the time being; at least until the problem is corrected.


On Wednesday or Thursday is when it said it was down for actual maintenance for 24 hours. Other than that it tells me it can't retrieve my reward coupons even though I get emails telling me that I need to use them. Seems a bit counterproductive!


I can't log in either. I've tried every day for a week and a half. Is the website down?