I had an appointment with my dog for grooming at 710 Franklin Ave, Franklin Square, NY 11010 at 2:15pm on March 11/2021. I did the appointment online using the Petco app.

When I arrived to the appointment the person who was in charge receive me with an unusual attitude, she was upset, angry, low tolerance and very disrespectful. She asked me that my dog was clearly not an small dog, I apologies for the mistake, It was my first time using the Petco up.

The person in charge continuum with sarcasm repeating again that it was clear that my dog was not small., Which I ignore.

I asked the person in charge that if she could possible to trim my dogs face because he was unable to see, I offer to pay the differences, but the person in charge refuse, increase her voice, very load and very rude and said "NO".

I was done with my patient and asked the person in charge why she was so mad at me, and I apologies again for the mistake, I told her that it was a mistake while using the app, that my intention was not lie just to get my dog groomed, that does not make any sense. The person in charge told me to get out of the place, I told her that it was not ok, to treat customers like that, it was an insult and that she was offending me, I am no threat to anybody. The person in charge told me to get out again, that she was done talking, that she did not feel safe and comfortable with ,me.

I got very angry at her and again told her that that was not the way to treat a customer. I feel discriminate because of my accent and my Latino look.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have a lot of patient and usually encounter customer like that, but she was not my client, and I was not in the position to do a session with a person that is in charge of customers.

I asked to speak with a manager, she said I am the manager and there is no other person to talk. I got out of the office, did not receive the services. I ask for the store manager, and the store leader, and I did not receive any fair help, I feel discriminate, by everyone in the store.

They told me to came back in two days and see if the person in charge of the grooming will attend my request.

I will never go back to the store never again.

I feel very sad, angry, I cry all the way home, I feels discriminate for my race, my accent, I never feels that way in my life. I am not a threat for nobody, I am an U.S citizen and I have the right to be here in this country like anyone else.

It did affected me in a deeper level, emotionally and mentally. I hope somebody out there do something about this situation it is not acceptable.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Location: Lynbrook, New York

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Hi there. We're sorry to hear about the service you received at your local store, thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.

We certainly don't want you to be stuck with that kind of experience. At your earliest convenience, please call our customer support at (888-824-****) so that we can look into this further.


This is not the type of experience we want our guests to have when visiting our stores, and we apologize for your poor experience. Please give us a call at 1 (877) 738-**** so we can help to make things right. Thank you!

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