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So, I went into the grooming salon to drop my puppy off (petco in phillipsburg NJ) and there was this girl Heather H who was grooming my puppy, she told me it would be 2-3 hours so after 2 1/2 hours i went back to the store, figured i'd shop around for a while, I saw this groomer (heather) sitting in a maroon truck shooting a needle into her fingertips, i went into the salon, demanded my dog NOW, lets top it off, my little girl had all of her nails QUICKED, this girl obviously was too high to realize how far to cut her nails told the manager what i saw, and did they care? NO.

they made me pay my $22 and i left, i will never go back there unless that girl is gone.

they did tell me to go to the vet and it would be on them. so thats the only good thing that happened!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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first of all. i worked with this girl, she wasnt a crackhead she was a heroin addict and YES SHE DID SHOOT EVERYWHERE in her body, apparently she cleaned herself up now so she says


I took my German shepherd to petco grooming salon in kent Ohio and the girl QUICKED his nails! They never did grow back and now he is on medication because it caused an infection.

When I complained to the salon manager she called me a liar! I ended up talking to the store manager, she gave me all my money back and then some. She gave me a hairbrush and told me she didn't like they way the other manager had spoken to me.

By the way the groomer told me she cuts all ther clients nails to the quick!!!


I know who you are talking about, She is not in the salon anymore, and that girl was a drug user.


You don't freakin' shoot crack, ***. It was probably blood sugar related as others have said, WHICH YOU ACTUALLY DO IN YOUR FINGERTIPS.

You can inject heroin into your fingers, toes, but it's kinda a waste because it's not really a central vein like your arm.

And as for bleeding your dogs nails....you probably let them grow too long. The quicks grow with the nails, ***, and if your dog has longass nails it's easy as *** to hit the quick, as I have learned many times.


well I guess If I go there i need to make sure this girl doesnt touch my dog!


Got a call about this today from several co-workers, and here is my opinion go back to the salon and see if she is still there if she is, get the DM (district manager) phone number, and talk to him there are several ways to handle this but call corporate let us know what happens! I'm a GM in FL and if this were my store she would be gone I may have to call up there and see whats going on or better yet call the corporate office obviously the GM cant handle this kind of thing!


drug test maybe?


I agree with jakeL people are weird, they shoot it anywhere they can so if you have no proof then you have no reason to defend i mean do you personally know this girl, and i work in a vets office and we had a vet tech who did quick every nail the dog was anxious


hey guys why are you defending? do you guys know for a fact it was insulin?

or checking sugar levels?

why freak out on this person for nothing if you dont know the truth yourself. my cousin is a *** he shoots everywhere, toes, fingertips,on his fingers, there are veins everywhere in your body.


Addicts on a fixed income (dog groomers for example) can't afford to waste perfectly good drugs. If she wasn't hitting a vein, she wasn't trying to get high.

And NOBODY quicks "all" of a dogs nails. If the nails are dark it is a common mishap on one or two, but you said "all" which proves you are exaggerating everything that happened that day.


If it were drugs why didnt this person call the police? Sounds like BS to me. Some disgruntled employee who was fired posting lies on the internet


I know JUST what this poor lady is talking about. first of all you dont shoot insulin into your finger tips and second i happened to work with a big free baser in my salon. i love the animal and i love my grooming manager but i hate petco!!!


You don't shoot crack, *** You do, however(as previous posters have said), test blood sugar levels from your fingertip. People who have diabetes can't exactly wait until the end of the day to do it when they get home, they have to constantly be aware of it. So before you go accusing people of doing bad things, you should probably get your facts straight, you snotty ***.



I think the OP is the crack head!!!!!!!!


First off, get your drug addicts straight. Crackheads, SMOKE crack, not shoot it.

Second, DIABETICS test their blood sugar by pricking their fingertips.

Third, it's a dog, not a child. :roll


Into her finger? Did you stop to think she was checking her blood sugar level???