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I dropped my 11 month old (90 pound) German Shepard off for his grooming. This was not his first grooming with this petco.

However it was visit with this employee. My puppy is obviously a puppy and gets excited around new faces. She did not allow mu pup to smell her or introduce herself to him. She walked right to him started taking off his collar and applying theirs.

He peed on her foot because he was excited and nervous. She kept tell him no, no, stop, calm down.. All aggrievated. He's a puppy lady.

Relax. So I left my pup feeling uncomfortable. Decided moments later I would not return with him. I pick him up an hour later.

The same later informed me that they could not complete the bath because my pup would not behave. He's a puppy! Give him a treat! He is the friendly big ol pup!

I understand if he was excited and you couldn't cut his nails and clean his ears. I'm rational and understand. But to have the odesity to say he is banned from their groomer unless he gets classes, when you relationships and attitude toward pet owner and animals is an all time low - is a job ma'am. I informed the girl, I wouldn't be returning him regardless.

Wait it gets better... Then she continued to give me medical advise advising to neuter my pup and to make him drink more because his urine was yellow. Gosh. I wish I had taken a video.

Don't worry, I have shared this story with ever last pet own I know including with my vet and the outpatient team. Who by the way, have no conserns on his urine or neutering. Thanks anyway Petco! I'll be doing business elsewhere.

It's ashame, considering the amount of money I spend on my pup.

Maybe train staff better or hire knowledgable people who like building relationships with customers? Thought?

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Dog Grooming Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi there. We regret to hear about your recent experience and would like the opportunity to investigate.

Can you please email us at with your contact information and store location so we can look into this? Thank you.

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