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I'm an employee there, and my manager puts words in my mouth, shoves me, curses at me, and talks about me nonstop to other people, EVEN THE CUSTOMERS. "She can't do this", "She can't do that", etc.

It's my first job, and they treat me horribly. I get $7.50 an hour to be treated like that? Yeah right. They make me NOT want to work.

Anyway. I'm a cashier, and the returns I've handled for foods were disgusting.

Every food that's been returned, has has fungus in it and freaky looking bugs exploding out of it. What happens?

Oh, the manager seals it back up and just puts it back on the shelf. Petco is just disgusting.

Don't shop there, 'nuff said. You can get the same thing somewhere better and for cheaper most likely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.

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I have worked for petno twice all together approx. 18 yrs in total.

I was recently dismissed by my gm and loss prevention Super Investigator Wanna Be "Art". I was asked to the office and there he sat ,Art and a gm from another store that I have never met because of the high turnaround in gm's (10 yrs at this location 7 gm's) as I was seated Art told me he wanted to "help" me. Help me what I ask He then tells me he has pictures and video of me and I ask of what and to show me. My best friend is a corporate attorney so I tell Art that I would like him to join in on this and Art refuses this and keeps talking about a thorough investigation and how a coral is missing and my giving away to some guy who claimed his daughters betta died an ele ear betta for a vail I can't stand children and would not have done that.

The coral missing was in a frag tank open to whomever might want a freebie but was told a pic of the tank "before my shift and a photo taken the next day" the next day hmmmmm..... I asked why do we lock up $22 turtles and not frags of coral some reaching and exceeding $100 so now I pushed the blame there in his eyes and then asked if in his thorough investigation he found that I sold a coral that day at green dot discount 30 percent off? Uhhhh duhhh no. The only one sold that day.

This frag tank is a joke in labeling and sold a different sku . Art told me not asked me that I was the only person in aquatics that day. I giggle n *** and asked how the *** does he think I worked alone on a Sunday in the highest volume store in our region. Come on dude gimme a break.

So he put that aside.... Mind you I worked 2 locations in my other store he brought up my selling a 29 gal aqueon tank we no longer carry with a chip in it at 20 percent off without a manager approval . Busted for 4 and some change. I've helped train every manager come through that store in ten yrs and that's what I got framed in one busted in the other.

I now have no insurance to take care of my health the way it needs to be . Obama care my ***. All over 4 and some change.

I would like to thank miss karen too in this matter!!! Remember Billy?

@I dont want my job back keep i

I wish I knew who you were? I would love to talk to you.


Maybe his name is Billy... ?? The end says "Remember Billy?"....

@I dont want my job back keep i

Hahaha. I don't know which store you worked at, but I worked in this district (I assume you were in the same district because you mentioned the DM's name)...

She sucks. Anyway, I know how you feel. Art does the most for his basic *** job. I didn't get fired like yourself, but they didn't pay me enough to deal with all the bulls*** LOL.

I don't think there is an amount of money they could have paid me to stay with this company. I never understood why Petco's turn-over rate was so high until the bull started happening.


Hello I am a current employee of Petco and have been having a similar experience. I went to my assistant manager(we recently lost our gm and two other managers as well) to discuss problems with other employees not doing their jobs or just plain hanging out in the office doing nothing other than gossiping.I told her iI felt like I was being discriminated against for being a male(9 out of 10 of my coworkers are female) because I'm required to do all freight as well as back up cashier and customer service calls.

Shortly after this discussion my hours were cut to just 15 a week. When I inquired about this she told me all I can do is freight and its a one person job that isn't full time. We just got a new gm and u spoke with him as well about my situation and he said he would fix it. Well the assistant manager was gone all of last week and my gm did get me more hours but now he is gone for a week and the assistant is back.

Her first day back and she has cut me to zero hours this week.

All I can say is if you don't fit unto their click or speak up for yourself they will cut your hours to a point in which you are forced to quit. Anybody else come across this situation?

@I dont want my job back keep i

Just let you know Art is no longer with the company he was let go for reasons I can not really disclose but he should be in jail for it. I'm sorry this happened to you.

I left Petco after two years due to the not caring about their employees. Once my GM Mary Farr passed away I saw the true colors of the company.


***. I'm happy to know that Art was fired.

He was a snitch. Snitched for things that had nothing to do with stealing. I'm still so happy I don't work for his company or Karen's district. I hope she's gone too.


But I walk into Petcos still and to this day, three years after I worked there, they still play the same music. I would be losing my mind by now.


1. You need to contact cooperate about the abuse


quit and work somewhere else

3. It's against policy and (illegal maybe?) that he is repackaging returned food, call cooperate


I was a long term employee (old petco)10+ years with the company I watched empty food bags delivered to the stores so that "bags torn in shipping" could be repackaged, it is against the p&p's to repackage returned food but it is done anyway, to minimize shrink which petco is always pressuring the employees to do. I eventually moved to corporate (NSC) and saw far worse things than what has been mentioned already.

the food comes from the manufactures to the dc's and then after potentially several months is shipped to the stores (corporate shared the building with dc100).

there were numerous well fed wild rats(size of small cats) roaming the warehouse. because of what i did i could keep track of the turnover rates at the stores and nsc, store rates for employees was 300 to 400% annually, managers stayed on average 3 years; NSC rates averaged at 3 years with the majority leaving before the 2nd anniversary and the number of old timers 20+ years could be counted on one hand.


Worked with Petco for 6 years. Watched as my GM hired workers she was friends with from other jobs, one of which was a girl who decided to "Humanely Kill" a hamster in the storage cooler because "It had wet tail and was going to die anyway" I reported it ( an offense warranting immediate termination) nothing happened.

My GM proceeded to insult us daily, calling us "retards" making me take on additional shifts for others so they could go out and drink only to be thanked with insults. I called the DM- little did I know that she was very good friends with the DM....I watched the store manager receive free services from the store and it was consistently overlooked. Every day I killed myself to make the store better. Then I miscarried at 3 months, I was on forced bed rest and all necessary paperwork was was found that I miscarried due to stress, when I returned to work I was faced with my GM and other members of staff laughing about the fact that I hemmoraged and almost died (that was my private information) Do to the delicate nature of the situation I had daily doctors visits I had to attend I had approval each day to leave the store at 2pm to be at the doctors by 2:30pm, one of the days I returned to work only to have my manager waiting there to write me up, for leaving unexcused even though I already had permission and a doctors note.

The kicker is....she was 7months pregnant, she laughed in my face about it. I have a family member that is ill with a very bad disease SOMEHOW I came into work and had multiple associates LAUGHING ABOUT IT on the sales floor- yelling loudly that my father has this disease IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS. When I went to my new GM at that time they took me outside and discussed with me that I needed to calm down- I was just starting drama. Oh by the new GM at that time was also accompanied by her live in girlfriend- THE ASSISTANT MANAGER TO THE STORE....the DM knows this as well as every other associate there.

Lets not also mention the propositions for sex from managers and the fact that most things were overlooked because the bias is ALL THE WAY UP THE CHAIN...I worked at all the stores in the area and nothing changed this is a COMPANY THING!! when I began work at my last store things started off on the right foot, then they pulled in a GM who was sexually bias to males-to him, in order to be worth his time, you had to have a ***, be attractive, or be attracted to him for him to listen. DAILY the men of the store sat around and did nothing. I watched as women were objectified on a daily basis, it was disgusting-but I couldn't do anything-this GM was a regional officer previously and was friends with HR and the DM because his primary goal was to get back to his regional office.

I worked my *** off and he took all the credit it was always "if I hadn't done this, you wouldn't have accomplished that" my customers all saw it....then they hired a new employee- this employee gathered personal information about me and began harassing me sexually, I kept notes of everything, I told his direct manager and my GM nothing was done-my GM stated that he was going to let us work it out on our own- it got worse and worse and everyone in the building saw it. I was threatened, I was assaulted. I requested time and time again to not work with this individual (who had a history...that my GM was aware of and transferred him in for this reason and didn't feel the need to tell any female employees) My GM decided to continue to schedule him ALONE with me. I had to lock myself in the office to stop him from grabbing me and trying to push himself upon me.

When I was threatened the last time I called the investigation was opened, when he was questioned, he had nothing to say, no defense or anything. Then days passed and I was still scheduled alone with him. Then one day he quit, and nothing....then one day i saw him run in and out of the building, then nothing for a month. The other day I was called to the office by my GM and put on the phone to HR.

Apparently after he quit my GM allowed him to come back in and give a statement AFTER he was given official opportunity to. I was accused of many SICKENING things- and immediately put on unpaid suspension (why wasn't he put on suspension) I wasn't allowed to go into the store or talk to any of the associates while they questioned everyone on my behalf.....The thing is, they never questioned anyone on my behalf.....each of my witnesses were never asked a thing and I was fired- I had over 10 people that could validate my case between the stores and they let me go- after 6 years of killing myself for this company. I know how it works- they will fire someone outright if they don't like you, and of course they will deny it...the more they deny it the more its true...PETCO is CORRUPT the whole system is, from working there I am more than aware that they have rules to say they have them but they do not follow them.

I have witnessed this across the entire company. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time this harassment took place and there was no regard for me or my safety....I have no respect for this company and what they stand for- a lot of what they show to people is marketing hype, I know now what they really are....


This all sounds like fancy storytelling. Especially since you wrote it in the comment section of something totally unrelated.

And why didn't you quit when all these things happened?

How could you have been scheduled ALONE with one person?

Are there stores with such low numbers they schedule TWO people for an entire store? Im sorry but your story seems a little out there and you could have gone to the police if you were being sexually harassed that badly.


Fyi, yes there are stores that operate daily with just a GM and an associate. I work at a store that has only two people to open and two to close....


FYI I also work at a store where numerous times I have closed with just me and one manager.


As a current Petco employee, I can attest to the fact that I have indeed been one of those managers that have closed with just a cashier, on a busy weekend night no less. And my store is a"B" store; right in the middle where revenue is concerned.

This speaks more of poor general management than numbers.


I worked at Petco for a few years, gave my heart and soul to my store. I started as a bathing assistant and went through the apprenticeship program to become a groomer and eventually became the salon manager. I also worked stocking the store after hours and would come in early or stay late if that's what was needed. I would cashier or help customers when needed, which was never in my job description, but there's no "I" in team, right? I was eventually given the task of leading district wide conference calls.

To make a long story short, I was used. I fell ill and needed to take some time off. I used the appropriate channels, as all corporations have, to file the necessary paperwork for my leave. It was granted, without question. that's not my complaint.

My store manager was at another store, openly discussing my leave and my medical condition with other employees. On the sales floor. When I called and filed a complaint with the Petco Hotline, my district manager contacted me and told me my complaint would be taken seriously and there would be an investigation. The general manager at fault and the other store's manager lied to the district manager, and my complaint was cast off. The general manager of my store then tried to have me fired for filing my complaint.

I left the company, completely distraught and a mess. The reason for my leave was supposed to be confidential between myself and the higher ups in the corporate world, on a need to know basis. It was not to be gossiped about by someone in a position of power.

My family and friends have stopped shopping at Petco, we favor our local "Ma and Pop" type of shop in our town. The service is better, the selection is better, and I feel better knowing my hard earned money is going back into my local economy, instead of across the country or into bonuses for higher ups that step on us workers and use us.

I still work for a corporation, no longer in the pet world, however. I can live with following rules and protocols. I can not live with being treated like a non-human. Even the dogs at the store I used to work at get better treatment than the employees.


I agree about petco . I used to love working there.

The store I was at was great. Then I had to transfer to a different store and they wereHORRIBLE. I was the ONLY person working in the salon. The other employees used to yell over the loudspeaker for me to puck up the phone (embarrassing)..

then when I punched out for LUNCH and was trying to eat in my car they would constantly come out telling me I HAD TO COME IN to take care of customers since they had NO BATHERS OR OTHER GROOMERS ....I ended up going to the hospital for extreme high blood pressure and heart block that developed from all the stress....when I went back they told me I was fired. I was only out for one day....IF ANYONE IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION READS THIS THEY HAVE A GOOD CASE ON THEIR HANDS.....ME VS PETCO


You are so full of ***. Liar.

It is completely against policy to restock any opened food item returned by a customer!

Why are you insinuating that it's petco fault that a few bags of food had mold/fungus or bugs. It's the manufacturer's fault.

The mealmoths got into the food at their facilities. If they had mold/fungus than the food got wet at the MANUFACTURER'S facility.

Stop blaming petco just because you are a disgruntled employee


I work for petco and they do not care about the people who work for them iam a groomer . and their is a groomer that has been their a year longer then i but she is always putting me down calling me names and talks about my personal life to others i have gone to the person in charge but nothing is ever done went to hr and still nothing is done this groomer has made 3 other groomers quit and iam at the point to walk out i love my job but i dont think i schould have to work with someone who gets away with treating people anyway she like and then say oh well they cant do anything to me.


Unfortunately, pursuing the "proper channels" and "available resources" simply amounts to being further insulted and exploited at the hands of a good-old-boys type network of corporate cover-up pros.


You are aware there are numerous channels you can seek out for help if these allegations are legit, correct? The Petco Hotline, your HR person, corporate management, etc. If what you are saying is true, you need to be making phone calls and sending emails to those people, not posting something anonymously on the internet.