Pompano Beach, Florida

I worked for several years at the Oakland Park location under the worst manager I have ever encountered in my lifetime, Richard Fustin, who does not care about people or animals. In fact Petsmart had the common sense to fire him because he bragged about shooting a bird in the store.

I had to watch him abuse animals and employees. I watched him euthanize animals by throwing them in the freezer alive. I watched animals die in the backroom with no medical attention so that the cost of veterinary care would not reduce his yearly bonus. I watched him scream at the women who worked in our store until they were reduced to tears.

Some of these women had cancer, some had MS, all were wonderful hard workers. He is a bully and a pathological liar. All of the employees complained about the abuse but Petco corporate did nothing and acted as if they do not care at all about their employees or the animals in their care.

If you truly care about animals and you are a female ...

please think twice about spending your hard earned money with Petco ... they have no moral values, they abuse women and do not care at all about animals. If that isn't enough to make you think twice about shopping here, please know that their prices are higher than any other pet store and they are proud of that fact ...

we increased prices every week especially when there was a sale coming ... for the most part, even when you think you are getting a sale with this rotten company, you are actually paying even more than the price prior to the sale ....

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You know you should be ashamed of yourself, if you allowed this abuse to continue for two years without reporting it you are just as guilty as the store.

Lauren, she posted this on another website, and she eventually admitted she made all this up about Richard because he fired her.


Well that's super immature, I wonder how many employees do that. I wish people would just suck it up instead of slandering people//companies.

Being that we're all consumers and employees at some point shouldn't we be helping each other instead of being ridiculous? Or is that too hippie-like for this dog-eat-dog society of ours...smh


Wow that store and it's managers sound horrible and I'm sorry cooperate didn't care, that's just awful! However its unfair of you to say the entire company has no morals and abuses women.

I've worked at my petco for 6 months now and my managers are wonderful to the employees and the animals. Occasionally we find a hamster fighting with its cage mates and several employees have bought neosporin for the small animals in our care.

I've never seen an employee abuse an animal in any way, in fact I've seen many of us stay later to ensure that cages get cleaned or that everyone is well taken care of.

If I were you I would spam call cooperate until something was done about the horrors you and the animals were enduring.


Are you sure you're not talking about the Riverhead, NY store? Store mgr Don- sociopath- one employee freezing a hamster to death- horrible place to work.

Also, same as you- the entire store went to Corp and nothing was done. Corp does not care.

Good news is that many PetCo's are closing down.