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i really need someones help i only worked at petco for less then a year. i got suspended today for being late.

OK I'm not saying I'm right.I'm saying that since I've been there my paycheck has never RIGHT! one pay period i only got paid 1$ yes 1$ they made a mistake it wasn't the first time.i never really complained like most people would because i love my job I'm so behind on my bills and might have to move my residence. the coldest part i tried to transfer to a closer location and it was push under the rug because they didn't want to lose me said i was one of there best groomers but soon after i got canned i wasn't even a week.

it just doesn't seem fair. they where so quick to give me my pay i mean like that same day but when i was working they didnt pay me at all so now im out of a home and a job THANKS PET CO HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU CARE ABOUT PETS WHEN YOU DONT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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They don't care about people or pets. There are many bad reviews online from current and ex Petco employees. They are a terrible company and they only care about their bottom line at others' expense.


Have you noticed that an overwhelming majority of participants who post complaints here have an extremely poor grasp of the English language? Most messages here seem to be posted by people who lack any sense of what a coherent message is, post what amount to rants (as opposed to legitimate "complaints"), almost always show absolutely no understanding, concept or implementation of proper grammar, proper punctuation or correct spelling and generally appear extremely uneducated or display a reading level of that of a 7 year old.

It's my opinion that most of the problems these folks incur is a direct result of their own ignorance, be that as a result of not reading agreements or contracts (or simply not having the ability to read these documents) or suffering from the same lack of English retention and understanding they show right here posting their complaints. I know this sounds like I'm bashing these people, but in reality, I find this very sad and quite alarming. One reason big business gets away with what they get away with is partly because (based on what I see here), people just aren't as intelligent or educated as they should be (or used to be?), and as such, are taken advantage of for more often and easier than, say, myself and other folks who took schooling much more seriously. It's quite evident that functional illiteracy is taking over as the norm in this country, and that's a scary thought, indeed!

The "dumbing-down of America", has transgressed to the "dumb America", unfortunately. And those using "Ebonics" and/or "leet-speak" make matters even worse. But in my opinion, the greater issue here isn't the use of such improper grammar, spelling and punctuation, it's the general acceptance of such. Our language is changing, certainly not for the better, and the results are before us.

Uneducated people who cannot communicate a simple thought, who are underpaid, undervalued, probably overworked and obviously taken advantage of which creates a larger disparity among social circles are contributing to the economic downfall of our country. Intentionally ("Ebonics") or otherwise (acceptance of "leet speak").

The biggest problem in my opinion? When these types of messages are accepted as the norm, it hurts us all as a whole.


I agree with you 100%. When I find it difficult to read anything that does not have proper punctuation or spelling. I end up skipping over it. Not worth the time to try to decipher something illiterate or appearing to be in code.

That being said, to the OP: I worked for 3 years at PetCo as a groom mgr. They never paid correctly and sometimes it took me over 3 months to get it straightened out. I had to make constant calls to HR and harass the store manager. If I didn't, it never would have been fixed. When I started working there, none of the groomers ever checked their pay. I taught them how to keep track of their grooms and what they were owed. They truly are a company that looks for any way they can to keep your money. I cringe just thinking how many groomers they rip off every week.

If you want fair pay, good working conditions and a wonderful company culture, apply at PetSmart. Those two companies are like night and day.

Good luck to you!


Totally agree! When everything is misspelled, has no capital letters, and bad punctuation it makes it very difficult to read and I find it hard to believe their stories.


Your an ***! Just because someone misspells a word does not mean that what they said was untrue.

Big deal that they have trouble spelling.

They are just trying to get the word out how these companies treat people. :roll


You misspelled "you're".

Just saying. :grin


Well said. Although I think "leet speak" is more of a gamer/code thing and not so much a detriment to the future of our language.