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I bought a nanday conure from petco in August 2011. The stores location is in Midlothian Turnpike in Midlothian, Virginia. She died not even 6 weeks later. I came home from work one day and she was lying in the bottom of her cage. She had seemed to be healthy when I bought her and was only 6 months old.

My family became very attached to her to include my 8 year old son. After dealing with him crying all night my frustrations grew. I called petcos general number because it was after hours. The woman told me she was sure that something could be done considering we had her such a short time. The next morning I called the store and they tell me after 15 days there is nothing they can do! The bird was $450. After buying a cage and all the accessories I paid over $600 for her.

I am furious. I bought the sweetest bird who they told me was healthy and would live for 25 years. I took wonderful care of her and became attached and she drops dead 6 weeks later. I will never step foot in a petco again.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Sick birds in the Petco near me in Clermont., FL, they say they have been seem by a very! BS!

This poor bird us suffering with sickness and is holding his own. Head in pain. Tattered tail. This is terrible.

I have 9 birds, my oldest will be 20 next year. I know the difference.


I’ve had my bird from petco for 2years now-perfectly tamed, everything


The problem is not with Petco, but with you. It died in your house and was perfectly find at Petco. If they were doing a poor job if taking care if it it would die within days of being in your house.


I had purchased a bird that was no where near as expensive, but same time frame from bringing him m home to passing this morning.


If you kept your bird in or near your kitchen and cook this non-stick cookware, it would explain your bird's death. The chemicals in non-stick are very harmful.

especially to birds, who have more sensitive lungs that people do. I would not suggest that you use non-stick, even if you don't have a bird.


Who said I was a bird expert? Cuz I am not.

And Jedi ***. U r probably some *** that works at petco.


Judging from your terrible spelling and grammar it is quite apparent you are five years old, or were five years old rather when you made this post. They have a valid point, chances are they killed the bird.

I don't think it was intentional, but they took care of it wrong. I mean it was perfectly healthy while it was at Petco, and while it was in her home it dies. She may think she was taking good care of it but she was not.

My word of advice to you is this, don't go around ASSuming things, like just because someone tells the person making the post they are wrong they work for the company. Get your parents permission before posting, because making false ASSumptions online can get your parents sued.


raven, most likely the pet dies because they did not care for it properly. Also you were not attached to that bird at all.

The main complaint is about money. You care more about getting your money back than the bird.

You even throw in your eight year old son for sympathy. How messed up is that?


gotta go with Kat83.Buying an expensive bird is a huge gamble even for an expert.And an expert would most certainly NOT buy a bird of any kind from PetCo or any place that is run by low wage part time workers.


I'm sorry for your loss. It's unfortunate that your beloved bird died.

Birds can be very fragile especially when they are young. They also hide illnesses very well, usually until it's too late to do anything. It's survival instinct. In the wild, if they show weakness they will be left behind by the flock, which severely cuts down their chances of survival.

If your conure was that young his immune system could've been very weak, add that to the stressful situation of traveling from the vendor to the store and then to your home and you have the perfect recipe for contracting an illness (usually respiratory infection for birds).

The store was right though. The health gaurantee is only 15 days, which is actually longer than PetSmart's. You did have the bird for a month and a half. So it was probably exposed to something in your care. The only real way to confirm is to do a necropsy, but I would imagine that it is too late by now.


@Shannonmarie20-My lizard died the night after I brought it home. Am I blaming the pet store?

No because there was probably something already wrong with it. Your bird could've been the same way.

You had it for a month...that's a lot longer add to the situation than one night.

@raven-What's PETA going to do, honestly? They kill more animals than help them.


also RAVEN, your comment is why so many people who dont follow the rules are stealing from companys and are closing small businesses down, hurting our economy. I have dealt with alot of people who think they can get whatever they dont want to pay for for free, hurting my families paycheck.

Businesses have learned from people like you and are careing less about your needs.

Unfortunatly that is starting to backfire on the customers who actually deserve it. Please follow the rules and read before signing and you wont feel taken advantage of.


you always need to research and animal/breed before adopting or purchasing. this is why so many animals end up in shelters, put to sleep, are left outside etc.

I dont know much about birds and I dont know if you do either. Questions to ask yourself: DID YOU HAVE THE BIRDS CAGE NEAR A KITCHEN OR A VENT, WAS THE BIRD SNEEZING, WERE YOU FEEDING IT PROPER NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS, DID YOUR YOUNG KIDS PLAY ROUGHLY WITH THE BIRD? Also it could not be your fault. Sure you should have taken the bird to a vet 10 days after purchase to insure your guarrantee.

That is what everyone should do after getting an animal. WHY? because almost all shelters and stores do not have a vet on site. Petco, Petsmart, other petstores, rescues, shelters etc.

have had schooling on what to look for in a sick bird or a bird that just isnt acting right but they do not have the years of schooling to tell you if there could be underlining condition. People and animals can die for the stupidest of reasons sometimes like bloodclots and ulcers it just happens.

I know you and your family are upset but you need to not blame anyone even yourself. Life is all a learning experience and now you know.


I am an extremely experienced Avian owner/breeder. I do not like the comments I am seeing here from you.

First of all, conures are delicate creatures, as all birds are, and yes, Teflon/PTFE/PTOA coated cookware can be a danger to them, but only --- ONLY if the pan becomes OVER HEATED!! Ask any Avian veterinarian this question. I too, once purchased a Green Cheeked Conure from my local Petco, and it showed no symptoms at purchase and came with clean papers. I run a STRICTLY CLEAN BIRD FRIENDLY NON TOXIC ENVIRONMENT in my household.

My home is more bird proof than child proof. That being said, four weeks after purchase, my baby "Sandy" only five months old began wheezing, tail bobbing, and laboriously breathing. I took her to my Avian hospital. They put her on oxygen in an incubator and fed her steroids, antibiotics, and anti fungal medicines.

But four days later she lost her fight. She passed. My Avian vet performed a necropsy, and determined that she had Aspergilliosis, and that this fungus was in her possibly since the hatchery. Birds have an unbelievably strong ability to mask illness for weeks or months.

By the time you see they are sick, it is often too late or far too advanced to save them. It was determined that Petco sold me a sick bird from an unsanitary hatchery. Petco refused to comply with me even though the bird died within a month of purchase. Because they said that by going to my own vet instead of theirs, I voided my 30 day warranty.

I tried to save her. And I get punished for it. Petco knows they are using less than reputable hatcheries. Unsanitary and I humane ones.

They need to clean up their act. Some bird respiratory illnesses can also be transmitted to humans. This is a major concern as well. Bottom line is that no bird just SUDDENLY gets sick and drops dead.

They are sick for a long time, more than four weeks, before they show such severe trauma. They mask illness in the wild to avoid predators from eating them or excommunication from the flock.

I believe Petco sold this person a sick bird. I do.


Hate to break it to you I'm also a victim of a poorly sold bird from petco it has not even lived a year and I'm praying my bird heals bur likely is dying tonight


This has just happened to my fiancé and I, We bought our sun conure on july 18th, and around august 29th he began to completely change his behavior. He started head bobbing and twitching his wing.

This was our first bird, and where hoping to have it for some time. No we are no Bird experts but we did our research prior to purchasing him. We kept, all candles, aerosols, and other toxic things away from him. PetCo is also giving us the RUN around.

The store near us has around 5-7 conures at a time. We have gone in twice with in days of each other, and noticed the same *** in the same places, not to mention constant dirty water. I will never Purchase another animal from PetCo. Regardless if he came sick from there vendor or at there store.

I would like to know the vendors in which they get there conures from. The effect a pet can have on you is unreal, even in a short 6 weeks. The loss of our Charlie has left us both hurt and utterly crushed. Sean, I believe I saw you post on another forum, and I am sorry for your loss as well.

Im sure there is thousands of people that have great stories about there Pet they have purchased at Petco. But for handful of people like us that this can happen to things need to be done. I am 100% convinced We didn't do a single thing wrong with raising Charlie, I understand things squeak threw the systems. But if you have a Vet saying he came from a store sick, then as a corporation you need to own up to that with a Refund , not store credit.

We ultimately would love to own another conure someday but not from PetCo. More people in the world would Respect PetCo if they could just be honest. I personally would respect that and they wouldn't lose a customer.

I can only hope that someone can see this, and they will realize they need to change something. Losing a Pet no matter how long you have it effects in more ways than one.


Sean Please see below.


I agree totally with you. The certification states they have been tested by infectious disease.

My Delilah just passed away last night im absolutely heart broken. I got her mid January told she would outlive me. To watch her gasping for air is a image I won't forget. No chemicals, all natural cleaning products, no Teflon and very clean environment.

I fell in love with her instantly and was so happy to have her companionship for a very long time. Instead Im burying her tomorrow. Delilah just turned 1 yr in February she was the sweetest and cutest green cheek conure.

She will be sadly missed and forever in my heart. Topsham Maine Petco


Hate to tell you this but if a bird gets sick they tend to go down hill very fast. That is why it is important to know the warning signs to get them to a vet.

It is most likely that at petco it was healthy but somewhere in the 6 weeks at your home it caught something.

Did you even take it into the vet in between the time when you bought it till before it got sick? IF not then how do you know that the sickness came from petco?

Did you do any research on the type of bird you bought to know its spesific needs?

These are all things you should do before(research) and after you get any animal.


888-824-7257 Call customer service don't let them tell u they can't do anything. If u raise a big enough stink they will do something. Threaten them with Peta or a lawyer.