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went to petco store buy a fish feeder, saw it on the rack for 19.99 and checked their website on my iphone and same item was listed for 15.99. At the register i showed cashier my iphone of Petco website with the 15.99 price as he said store policy is they wouldn't match the price they list on their own website .After i left the store i called Petco customer service and they told me that their stores don't match Petco website prices but they would match the price from a store other than Petco.Told customer service thats insane and wouldn't be shopping at Petco again Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.

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PetSmart does the same exact thing - this is crazy. It should be the same price in the store as it is online no matter what


I understand why companies don't price match their online prices, but most local companies that have online ordering, also offer free shipping if you either spend X amount of money or if you choose to have your items shipped to store and you pick it up once your order arrived. But Petco doesn't offer free ship to store, I am so tired of having to run to my local Kent store, only to find that what I need isn't sold or is out of stock at that store, so I run to Covington only it has all but , one item, so I go to the Federal Way store finely I got all 5 items that I needed.

I would have it shipped to home, but I work 2 jobs and volunteer at a hound rescue.

I don't want "merchandise", laying on the front porch all day/night. Why can't they offer ship to store just like any other online/local retailer?


I fully understand your frustration on this matter. Same thing happened to me at Walmart, went to buy a tablet and they wouldn't match their own online price...

Ridiculous!!! A store that claims to match or beat any price out there (except their own evidently). Insane! Seriously trying to make sense of this.

So, the online shopping is a free shipping to store of your choice I.e. the one that I'm standing in. The other option is free shipping to my home, in either case it is going to cost them extra shipping to get the same product that I'm holding in my hands at their own store!!! I don't have a business degree but...

just saying.

Sam Walton must be turning in his grave on this one!! @


I work in online marketing, and part of the perk of that online price, is that the product is sitting in a warehouse, cutting out the middle man (the store), so the price can be offered at a lesser price, if they gave the online price in store, they would lose their profit, and a business doesn't stay in business losing profit. The motto "It isn't personal, it's business" fits here.


They are simply suck. I stop shop at the Petco as well.

Saw the hammock for betta on the Amazon for 2.99 but they didn't want to do the price match.

I'm going home and DIY the hammock from my old/broken suction cup and broken decorative leaf. My betta love it, thanks petco save my money but never going back.


All you have to do is look up their policy or call beforehand and you would have saved yourself some trouble. I don't particularly like their policy, but the are up front about.


I, too, have given up on PETCO. Found a store that matched dog food prices with Amazon on two occasions but not on my third visit.

They ought to make the manager present on my first two visits the CEO. Amazon offers Natural Balance Ultra Reduced Calorie for $44.43 including two day free delivery (with Prime).

The PETCO site wants to charge in excess of $58. Insane marketing and poor employee training


Cry about it. Neither will target or Walmart. Baby

@Joe dirt 1990

Target prices matches. And most dog food target sells is *** anyway (last I checked at least), so If you're feeding your dOg food from target or Walmart maybe u should do some more research on dog food.

And I agree Petco should match prices.

I haven't bought my food from there in a year because of a $20 difference in price. I'll go there for little things like bones and treats and sometimes toys, but never food.

@Joe dirt 1990

Actually technically, Walmart, Target, nor K-Mart honor their online prices, and FYI neither does Lowes or Home Depot, but ALL of these stores do offer ordering online with FREE ship to store pick up with no minimum dollar amount for the free delivery. And a funnier tundrum is that most of them won't /don't honor their own online prices, but if you order it online choose to pickup in store, many of the stores offer free Same Day pickup, (depending on the time of day, sometimes if you order something after 6 or 7 pm, it won't be ready until the next day. When ordering online I try to choose Ship to store, because I am rarely home


Had the same issue... an aquarium heater that lists for $35.24 on the Petco website is $59.99 in the store!

Talked to manager, they said they can't match their own price because of bla bla bla... still standing in the store, looked it up on Petsmart's website - $39.99. Called the closest Petsmart, asked if it's in stock, yes, asked if price in store is same as website, yes, left & went to Petsmart.

Will NEVER shop at Petco again. Thieves.


I will not use Petco again, I always check online so I know what things are going to cost, I went in the store counting on paying one amount, it was 20$ more, I will never shop there again, it's ridiculous they do not honor what they advertise?????

I will go to Petsmart from now on, they do, I am not asking about another vendor, I am talking about


Alrighty, as a current petco employee, allow me to enlighten you, please, on some things about our price-matching policies...I know at my store this used to be an issue, but now thanks to some rehashing of policies from corporate and some incentive from our GM, we now have the ability to match most petco-online prices. I know that your case in particular would have been no problem at all at my store, since the discount was only 4 dollars.

The only time when a price match is unable to be used is when the price would be drastically cut 50%, such as with our dog-crates. Still though, we can help you out. Yet again, keep in mind this is a policy that is used in my store specifically, but my GM has given us permission to use our ability and our better judgement to lower the price to a more fair and reasonable amount.

Now, you may not be able to get more than 20 dollars of that petco 600 series travel crate, but isn't 20 dollars off with the convenience of having it then and there better than 35 or 40 dollars off and having to wait? In michigan, we really value guest service and loyalty at petco and hopefully your local store will pick up on these new policies...(if they haven't already.) ,)


What a dumb thing to say: "You should have ordered it from the website." Really? I don't think this applies for things you are running low on and can't wait to get in the mail like cat food.

PetCo lost my business because they don't honor their online prices. Saying that it's cheaper online and costs more in the store because of shipping prices makes no sense if it's free to ship it to the consumer anyway.

Might as well honor the online price because most of the time, they lose more money in the long run because people get pissed and go somewhere else.


While it may be free to ship the item to the customer it's not free for the store to have items shipped. There are so many more people involved.

The product needs to be packed up, in a box, then on a pallet which is put on a truck, driven to a store and unpacked by the truck driver and employes and then the pallet itself unpacked as well.

This takes much more time, effort, people and even gas. Don't you see why it might cost another $5?


The reason Petco doesn't match their online prices is because the online store gets products directly from the company that supplies it. When the stores get products they have to ship it to the warehouse and then to the store itself so they have to pay more for the cost of shipping. If four dollars was that big of a deal to you then you should've just ordered the product from the online website because alot of times shipping is free for customers.

@Tired of *** postings


How do other companies do it, then price you products accordingly, you know

It will iss people off because most people check online before they go in to see

What things cost, especially big ticket items, such as crates, I would have ordered

Mine from online site, but they where out of the size I needed.



Although I agree completely that they should be price matching, I'm almost certain that the reason they price differently online is tO compete against other retailers like Amazon, wag, and other online dog supply sites. They definitely need a solution, though.

If you can't price match the price, give a $5 coupon.

Keep ur customers happy. And that would keep them coming back too.