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Dog noted after we got him home blood and they made dog bleed never told us. They did not trim toenails at all and it was requested.

OMG oon backside of ears and this person passed grooming certification forgot finsh cutting one ear backside. Very upset dogs skin around rectum area very red and irritated for few days just getting ready call vet.......what did they do use razor on hair surronding this area. .....or too rough on anal gland thing the do. from now on ONLY anal gland examined and expressed by his vet .

so quite few things wrong not to mention dog was very upset when he got home for a day .

No more PETCO for grooming. we are on long long waiting list for another groomer long wait list tells me and have read reviews very top notch groomer.......but long way june just and booked till september

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1225032

just like humans, animals get razor burn. Either tell them to not cut so close, or dont trim at all, or don't take your pup there. Pretty simple, your choice, your money.

Oceanside, California, United States #1224903

They shave around the anus it's called a sanitary shave. Some dogs get razor burn.

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