Port Saint Lucie, Florida

I took my dogs to Petco to be groomed.Firstly the groomer did not seem to have great knowledge of the specific cut required for a Maltese or a poodle mix. She proceeded to tell me that the dogs were matted and needed to be completely shaved.I protested letting her know that I disagreed with her as the dogs were running around outside before we got there.The dogs are groomed every month and I am concerned as they have never been shaved that way before.Assured me that would not trim low, yeah right!!!When I picked up the dogs they seemed stressed,agitated.Assumed that due to different groomer.Only to find out a few days later that bows in dog ear ( we think to hide laceration behind ear) put on too tightly resulted in emergency surgery ($900) and 75% of the dog ear had to be removed. The worst thing is that they admitted liability at the beginning but when it came time to pay the bill they started to give me the run around!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I feel sorry for your dog. Pet co only cares about money and hires inexperienced people for low wages. It's all about the bottom line, MONEY


So Sorry for you and your Pet. Why does this type of error always happen at Petco.

They broke my greyhound's leg while grooming her. Petco needs to be held accountable for their actions.


The bows are put in the hair not around the ear and brush your dog


Why would you get your dog dressed in the first place with bows? Crazy dog lady.


That's just terrible... What a bunch of *** bags.

They'll never see me there with my dog. :(