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I needed to buy food for my cats, and on the way back from the hospital after an accident I stopped at Petco in Sunnyvale CA, as I was told to stay in bed for at least 1 week. I had a broken left wrist (in a cast) my hospital bracelet, a wrapped right knee and a brace on my left foot (sprained).

I could not get anyone to help me more of the cat food I needed - the cashier kept waiting on other people while I was standing there with my cane. The female manager said the staff was busy helping other customer, but the store was almost empty. I also could not get help loading my purchases after I paid for the little I found, because the manager insisted on waiting on the person in line behind me instead of helping me. I told her I was parked in front of the store, but it made no difference. It is clear she was going to wait until there was no one else in the store before waiting on me. W

I was angry and left, and immediately on the sidewalk other people who obviously could see I needed help helped me. Complete strangers. Petco could not be bothered.

If you have any kind of a disability, stay away from Petco. They obviously do not want to help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Cashier.


Preferred solution: Nothing from them, just warning other people..

  • Very Poorly Trained Staff
  • Really Bad Managers
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So it's the company's fault you chose to park in the fire lane with "no parking" painted every few feet and wanted the cashier to leave the front unattended for you? Ridiculous.


They have other customers to deal with, they are not required to give you one on one attention. If you cannot shop by yourself have someone go with you.

People with disabilities want the best of both worlds, they want to be treated equally, but because of their disability they want special and preferred treatment, well giving you this special and preferred treatment is not treating you equal, but since it benefits you you would not complain about this. Perhaps if you were not an angry bitter person you would have been more careful and not had your accident.


We appreciate your feedback and apologize for the poor customer service. Please call our customer support (888-824-7257) so we can look into this further.

Thank you and we look forward hearing from you. Again, we apologize for this experience.