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I went in to get my dogs nails cut. Since I have never been to petco for grooming services they needed proof of my dogs rabies vaccine.

Which I have never heard of anyone else requiring this (I usually go to different vets or to petsmart to get my dogs nails cut). I had in my wallet my dogs ID cards which consists of a card with his picture on it from his normal vet for his microchip information... And I had a card from his vet with all of his vaccinations on it, but the card was one year old (I never received an updated card the previous year) ofcourse that wasn't good enough for them so I asked if they could call my vet and confirm he got it last year (even tho I'm telling them he did and even know the exact day!) she called and said they closed 15 mins ago. I then confirmed that all they needed was to hear from my dogs vet for verbal confirmation and she said yes...

So I called the vets cell phone and she remembered me (my dog has back issues and we have become very close to the vet!) vet told the lady at petco that I DID get all the vaccines last year and my dog is current. Now petco says that's not good enough and I needed something faxed. It was the absolute WORST experience I have EVER had. I talked to three people (two managers) total and each of the girls where extremely rude.

I gave them EVERYTHING they asked for!

I will NEVER step foot back in a petco for any needs, and if I hear anyone going there I will make SURE to tell them my experience and tell them how bad I was treated and highly suggest they go elsewhere. I plan to voice my anger in every place possible and on as many blogs and websites as I can to reach the most amount of people.

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Any reputable salon would ask for rabies paperwork. Seriously, can you imagine what would happen if they took your dog in without it AND something happened?!

I've worked in a salon and I will tell you that the dog most likely to *** is one that comes in for "just nails." They aren't used to the environment of the salon and they have owners who can't/won't cut nails at home. This usually means 5-10 minutes of a dog throwing itself around on the grooming table while one groomer cuts nails, and another restrains the dog. It is zero fun for everyone involved. Anyway, if a dog (without vaccination paperwork) bites somebody it is usually bad news for the dog.

Best case scenario is that the dog sits in quarantine at an animal shelter at the owner's expense.

Also, I have to say that the salon was right to turn you away after you called your vet on a private number. They had no way of knowing that you were really talking to the vet.


policy is policy no matter how great friends you are with your vet


What seemed suspicious to me is why you would need to take your dog to multiple vets?


1. Petsmart also requires proof of rabies vaccination


They do require the papers as proof, you did not give them ANYTHING they asked for!


You could have called ANYONE claiming to be your vet and had them "confirm" the vaccination records. Don't be ***, just bring the correct paperwork, or call ahead and ask what you need for a nail trim, instead of huffing and puffing because you couldn't get them to break policy for you.

Just because a policy frustrated you doesn't mean you were mistreated, but have fun trying to screw over Petsmart instead


You must be 9 years old if you mistake not getting your way and not having them change the rules just for you as rude. Then you call someone old enough to work, most likely someone who is more mature than you a "girl".

You did not give them what they asked for, and you won't be missed. You were not treated badly, they have these rules for a reason, perhaps in a few years say when you are older you will understand the reasons for the rules.

I agree with Mike, how do they know that they are talking to the vet and not someone else. Once you pass childhood and reach your *** years, you will know why they needed a fax from the vet rather than a verbal conversation from someone who you don't know,


Did they call the vet or did you pass your phone to them to talk to her? If the call was on your phone and you dialed, they could have been talking to your sister for all they know.

There is a VERY good reason to be sure that your dog's vaccines are current. Try to think of others. What if your dog bit someone? If you then could not provide info quickly, guess what happens?

Your dog's HEAD gets sent out for examination for rabies. Now, which is better - waiting patiently until you have the proper info, or risking the health of another and the possible euthanization of your dog?


Mike you are si right aand customers just don't understand that.