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I ordered a reptile terrarium from petco online because they were having a sale. It was the only reason I decided to order from them and since I was ordering one thing I ordered some others.

They cancelled the terrarium without my consent even though they had charged my Paypal account and completed the charge, not pending, completed! In the email they said they didn't charge me yet. Lies! I called customer service and they said the same thing they hadn't charged me yet, more lies!

I have the Paypal statement and the emails from petco telling me what I bought and what I paid for it.

If this was an in store purchase, and I bought it for the advertised price and walked out, there would be no *** way they could call it back once I paid for it, it's completely *** they can charge me for it and then cancel without and immediate refund. The customer service lady was no help what so ever, I asked for a full cancellation and refund because I did not want them having any of m business if they pull this kind of ***, and they refused to do so, saying it was too late because it was processed already.

Well the terrarium was *** processed too and they waited a day to tell me, obviously some shady business practices going on there. I will never order from PetCo again and advise everyone else to do the same, they just want your money, not to help you.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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