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I worked for Petco for a little over a year and a half. As much as I love working with reptiles, dealing with higher management made my job impossible.

My store GM (who is sadly now a DM), made his dislike for me clear to everyone. Even customers. Is underminding and stealing customers away from associates part of the GM and higher management's job description?

The reason for my being fired was because the reptiles had no meal worms during a corporate walk.

Which was a lie. I had spent my whole shift in reptiles making sure everyone was misted, the enclosures cleaned and everyone had food. Everything was 100 percent. During this walk it was never mentioned by the person doing the walk that anyone was missing food.

In fact she told me I was doing a fantastic job. This firing comes at a strange time as well. The store I was at is a magnet reptile and salt water store. We had just lost our salt water magnet status (the worst kept secret in the store), thus losing the store an extra 40 hours.

Hmmmm. What odd timing. Instead of firing the incompetent companion animal manager they fire someone they aren't scared of. Shame on you Anchorage petco managers.

There are plenty of other examples of management stupidity, but there aren't enough hours in the day which I can list them all.

Short cut animal care. Lacking tools to care for the animals correctly. Customers always come first. NOT the animals or employees.

So on and so forth. I wont miss my job in the slightest.

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I understand what you are saying except that at our local Petco....the customer does not come first. The manager does.

If we bring back dead feederst that are supposed to be alive, he accuses us of lying. If we tell him that he is killing some of the reptiles by feeding them the wrong thing, he argues with us, even if we show him in his own book off the shelf that he is putting them at risk.

He is rude, argumentative and does not care a thing about the animals. The vivs are always full of *** and the hatchlings are given food that is way too big for them to they just go hungry.

I stay away from there as much as possible, but there are times that we have to get something in a pinch. I hate giving them my business.


I work for petco and agree with this 100%, They sure will protect any manager but will look for the first thing to fire an associate over.