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After 10 emails and numerous calls still have not gotten a refund

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I bought cat food on 10-13-2020 at Petco store in Waite Park,MN. I then returned it a week later.

I have since been trying to get my money back. I have numerous emails with them phone calls and still nothing. They said they sent my money back and sent me a receipt but the receipt they sent me was a different card number. The receipt was not mine not my purchase nothing not even same day!!

The routing number they gave me saying they sent it to me had nothing to do with my bank. They refunded it to someone elses card and account. How did they do that? Why was it not returned to my card when my card is the one that was used to do the return?

Whats going on at that store? When I called they told me that they sent it to the escalation department then when I ask if I can speak to somebody in that department they tell me NO. They say the people in that department dont talk to people like me. I want is my money back and its been 3 months!!

I have never in my life been treated like this at any store or had to pretty much beg for my money back!! Unreal to be treated like this. Who else have they done this to? I think its time to find out and get a lawsuit going cause I know Im not the only one by the other reviews!!

I will report to everybody and anybody until I get my money back. I will be going to the BBB the attorney general whoever. No business no company should be allowed to treat people this way.

I dont care if it is only $77 thats my $77. They want to take your money quick as *** but nobody wants to give it back.

User's recommendation: Don’t go there.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Petco Cons: Customer service is useless, How they are giving me the run around regarding my refund.

Location: 35 Waite Avenue North, Waite Park, MN 56387.0

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