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Update by user Dec 17, 2015

As a result of my Posting here. PETCO has stopped sending me emails 100%. Thank you!

Original review posted by user Nov 17, 2015

Tried everything to get PETCO to stop sending me emails. Going to their unsubscribe link and it had no effect. Maybe it became worse! Actually the unsubscribe link says it is not possible to stop receiving emails; only That they will limit the types of emails that they will send you - like you can say no emails about frogs or turtles, but you can't stop them from sending you emails about general promotions or specials or close-outs..... Specifically, they say "If you unsubscribe from all, you will still receive emails related,to purchases". I don't want ANY EMAILS from PETCO! This option does not exist. There should be a Law about this. More recently, I have been receiving several emails a day. This is just wrong. will keep trying. Will not shop there until they STOP with the marketing emails. Advice: Never give this company your email.

FCC we need your help for PETCO TO STOP SPAMMING OUR EMAIL ACCOUNTS: According to the Law:

"All commercial messages must allow the receiver to revoke their authorization and opt out.

Text and email marketing providers should supply a convenient way to opt-out, similar to the way customers opt-in. Once a customer opts-out, senders have 10 days to honor requests to opt out. Once opted-out, the sender must keep an ongoing log of opt-out data to ensure recipients don’t receive future messages."

Reason of review: Not able to completely opt-out of PETCO's emails.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Button or link to opt-out completely of all emails on PETCO's unsubscribe section..

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I have the same issue. I have unsubscribed multiple times.

I get daily emails sometimes 2 or 3 in one day. I have tried calling corporate you just sit on hold forever with "your call is very important to us and they value our customers time".

This is a great way to infuriate your customers and going to spend my money some place that doesn't spam me constantly. This is bordering on crazy ex girlfriend stalking amount of messages....


You sir, are an ***. First of all you can unsubcribe from all promo emails from the website.

Second of all they have to be able to send you emails regarding online purchases. Every website sends a confirmation email of a purchase.

Third of all, what monetary loss of $300 are you trying to claim? You lost $300 *** about too many emails??


Hi Janey89,

Thank you for your nice comments. Obviously I'm not the only one having this problem. Fortunately, mine is resolved.




I have unsubscribed multiple times. It makes no difference.

I'm not the original poster nor have lost any money but it's very infuriating getting 1-3 emails a day when I have unsubscribed so many times. I could block the domain but I use the grooming services for my dog and do like to get an email notification.

Calling corporate puts on you on hold for 30+ minutes so I'm stuck. Petco needs to start caring about customers instead of spamming them....


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please call our customer support (888-824-7257) so we can look into this further. Thank you and we look forward hearing from you.


Please Fix this issue. I have called this number you have given.

When I press 0 to get transferred its just makes a beeping noises.

I have unsubscribed multiple times. This is ridiculous.....