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Took my dog for a grooming & received a call an hour later that they cut my dog’s paw by accident... she was still bleeding by the time I got there and I had to take her to an emergency animal hospital..

ironically they had signs when I went to pick her up that they are hiring groomers “no experience necessary” clearly! Shame on you Petco put our pets safety and well being first and hire people who know what they are doing!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Dog Grooming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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And that’s why I so t trust anyone but my licensed veterinarian to groom my dog , if you don’t go to a vet then all those issues are on you, you caused your poor pet to be hurt


Hi there. Please email us at ReviewSupport@PETCO.com with your phone number, the store location, your dog's appointment and details so that we can investigate this. Thanks.