Allen Park, Michigan
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i brought my Yorkie and my Jack Russell in around 2 o'clock today to be groomed...since i left my cellphone at home and since they usually get finished within 2 hours, i stuck around and waited.....while i waited, i went into Subway to get some walked in my groomer....i asked her about my dogs and she said they were drying (why dont they take their lunch breaks in between clients?) i went back it was 5 o'clock when i demanded the return of my pets......they called someone, i dont know who she was, but she claimed they werent finished...(maybe they would be if employees didnt take breaks while with clients?)...."Dawn" printed up my receipts and instructed me to pay for the services before they gave me my dogs....when i returned i asked "Dawn" to give me my dogs and she refused, her excuse? "Im not a groomer'......i told them i had to be to class at 6 o'clock and since it wasnt until 10, could i leave my pets overnight...they quickly said no....."Gail" kept giving me nasty looks the entire time

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $83.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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lmao you are every groomer's worst nightmare. You are what make their jobs difficult. You are the typical inconsiderate, pushy, rude customer.


If they performed the service they deserve payment. They may also be very busy on weekends and need a few minutes for a *** to eat or, God forbid, go to the bathroom. If you don't like their service go somewhere else, but don't give them *** because of your schedule.


We're sorry to hear about your recent in-store visit. We definitely appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention, the last thing we want is for you to leave with a bad experience.

Please call our customer support team at (888-824-7257) so that we can look into this further. Thank you in advance.


This company is so full of ***....if anybody reads, this...i already called corporate and they promised to have a district manager call me the next day...of course no one called me...i will never spend a dime there again smh


Hi bgrier100. We're sorry to hear this and we'd like to help.

Please email us at and include your phone number, store location, and details regarding your experience. Thank you.