Los Angeles, California

i was in there with my son he's 15 and a manager by the name damon baruman was trying to sell us a dog kennel.lieing to my face he points me to the rest room. so i went my son was look at there turtle's when i came out of the bathroom he had his hands on my son waist i made a complaint and a few weeks later he was promoted in another store is this right that a man like this works here i do have an open case against the company did anyone else find this sickning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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This complaint is pretty illiterate . .

. it doesn't even really make sense. And if you really are trying to sue for $ you shouldn't talk about an open case on line.

And learn how to write please. Jesus.


Tell him his job is to groom dogs not 15 year old boys


Well Stephen is pretty stressed ever since he cheated on his wife with one of his employees and got her pregnant and had to pedal pretty fast to get that woman a very high paying job at corporate that a Homeless mans pile of *** on the side of the road is more qualified to do then her. He's very stressed now that he lost his source of daily ***


No but I do find you as a GOOD STORY TELLER!!!!!!!!


Damon baruman is garbage you can spill it anyway you want his record is dirty and thank's to his relationship's which are with other manager's and the do stephen durr in which picture's will be sent in all over so cal.you can only keep thing's quiet for so long befor the truth come's out.And you should tell the people your with your sexual history so they can get checked themself's your a black stain on the *** community.GET HELP!!!!!


Is this another crazy story from JACOB!?


Jacob whinery is responsible for not only the original complaint but also the comments. Check his Facebook.


I like how I'm being blamed for the hard honest truth about a certain former DM coming out, when this is the first time I've found this site, and I found it by just searching for my name for fun...but I do like how you spelled it correctly...I would love to tell all that I know, but to avoid having to fight, which I would win, a libel suit, I'll refrain from spilling the beans...but as my name was spelled correctly, you'd have to have worked with me at some point...so where the hostility towards me is coming from I have no idea. I worked till I was a full blown paraplegic from an MS episode that almost killed me, then confined to work from a wheel chair, then was forced out because Stephen doesn't like disabled people...for



A little light reading...