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Dear PetCo,

I was at your Newport News store last night. There was no one at the register. We milled around the front for a while hoping to see a store associate near the register. No one came. We got tired of waiting and approached the register. No one came. We heard someone talking, so my husband went and looked in the manager's office. The manager was sitting there talking on the phone. He kept his back to my husband as my husband told him "We need some help at the register." The man did not move. He asked the person on the phone if he could call him back. My husband came back to the register to me. We waited. Then we heard the manager laughing loudly on what was clearly a personal phone call. He was still on the phone! I loudly asked if we could have someone ring us up. The manager did not move. A woman in the back heard me and called over the intercom for a cashier. No one came. Then, SHE comes and rings us up. She apologizes and tells us that the manager said he would run the registers up front, but she had no idea why he didn't ring us up. I told her we had informed him we needed help, but he kept talking on the phone. She kind of looked at me like "yeah, that's him." The manager then came out and was grinning and chuckling. He asked us if we found everything. He did not apologize for the wait time or explain why he treated us like that. My husband commented that we had some trouble finding someone to ring us up. The manager just walked away without a word. I asked the girl if that happened a lot, and she looked back at where he was walking away and let me know nonverbally he could still hear her and then looked down.The girl who rang us up was Malinda. She jumped into fill a need left open by a store manager. She is the kind of employee who will grow your business. The manager of this store will do the opposite. This is the THIRD bad experience in a row in your Newport News location. As a farm, kennel, aviary, and pet owner who is responsible for over 100 living creatures, I will be taking my money where it is appreciated. If you go into the Pet Smart location just down the road, you will see many customers and a cashier present at the front. PetCo is normally empty when I go. I am pretty sure I know why too. PetCo says they put the animal first, but you can't put the animal first if you are scaring away potential homes or the purchase of care items for an animal.


A Family Who Will Be Shopping PetSmart from now on

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Another manager called us and said they were sorry we were treated like that, it isn't their policy. The manager who did it was brought into the office, confronted, and has been written up for poor customer service which is now part of his permanent record as an employee there.

We have been invited back into the store to try them again.

There really isn't much incentive since we have had so many issues and have found PetSmart much friendlier and efficient, but will keep them in mind to try again in a couple of years. My suggesting to PetCo...frequent secret shoppers for an extended period to iron out the customer service issues.


Only thing worse than a good-for-nothing slacker is a rude good-for-nothing slacker . .

. . that's a boss!

Espescially in this economy when honest hard-working people are desperately seeking employment, this fkkcing shlomoe is a waste of space and picking up a paycheck to boot! I hope that effer gets CANNED over this!


I was there when this happened and it is as she says. The front of the store was not being watched.

The manager's attitude was shoddy and disrespectful. He knew we were unhappy but did not care to address it. Clearly this man does not understand the relationship between his job and the necessity of customers and sales. A check of the cameras will show how I had to go into his office and request help and how he did not come out until someone else was nearly finished with the sale.

My wife had to call loudly to the store for help at the register. Then we had to wait for the intercom and for the girl to see we were still not being taken care of before she came to fill in. When he came at the end of the sale, it was like he was putting on a performance for the camera so he could say he spoke to us. You will see us calling back to him trying to get him to address the situation because he never apologized or explained why there was no one there to help us.

All he said to us was "Did you find everything you needed?" That was it!

We provided our names and phone number to PetCo earlier today, but they have not called as of yet. Another adult was present who will back up our story.


Thank you for understanding and for your comments, 4GroomerLuv. He would not even turn around and make eye contact when my husband let him know there was no one to ring us up.

I saw this through the mirrored door and asked him in front of my adult daughter if what I saw was right..I just couldn't believe it. Before this time, PetCo lost a $120 sale in the reptile section because I could not find anyone to help me. I am glad to hear your store is done differently!

I am glad to hear you care about customer service because you are part of what makes that store different. Congratulations on your store's award.


I am a current Petco employee no where near that store. I check the complaints and it makes me sick to hear these things. I am not saying they are not true. Unfortunately people that can suck up to the higher ups get to stay and they are not always the greatest with customers. I am a groomer at my location and my GM and GSM are all about the customer. We just won top in the region. I wish I could say that it was tough but it is not when you have been to the other Petco around and they pale in comparison to our store. It is very rare that you do not see an employee at the register or in a department. The store is also clean and tidy. My GM has a saying, "If you're not going to do it right, don't do it at all and get out." She holds us to higher expectations than our previous manager which I like.

As for the other stores and people's experiences I'm not sure what to say. In my opinion there is no excuse for being rude to a customer or for a manager that just sits in the office thinking they are high and mighty.

Only thing I can say is that each store is different. I used to work at a horrible Petsmart that treated employees like dirt and laughed at them. It all depends on the PEOPLE at the store not necessarily the COMPANY itself.

Anyways, I do not blame you for not wanting to go there anymore. If I had been treated like that I wouldn't return either.