Delaware, Ohio
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I had a scheduled for two months to have my dog groomed. I showed up for the appointment and was told I wasn't scheduled for that day.

I told them I had a card that showed my appointment time for that day and time. I was told I had to reschedule my appointment. This wasn't my mistake it was theirs. The lady was not apologetic.

I will never go back there again. I was a customer for almost a year. I cant just go in another day.

That's why I made the appointment two months in advance. Christi Willis

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Petco Cons: To be turned away because of the groomers mistake.

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You really do owe Petco and apology. The business you're upset with is in no way related to Petco.

A cursory internet search shows the façade of the building at that address and it's not a Petco.

As other commenters have asked: Are you sure you were at the right place? Either way, you need to pull this complaint.


You owe Petco an apology, your appointment was at 'The Groom Room'.


You're complaining about Petco, but the card is for Pet Supplies Plus. Are you sure you went to the right place?


Hi there. We're sorry to hear about your recent grooming experience.

Please call our customer support at (888-824-7257) so that we can look into this further.

We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes


Wow, a form apology to someone who is complaining about the wrong place. And I bet you're surprised about high turnover, too. Try standing up for your employees when they didn't do anything wrong for once.


Hahahaha stand by their employees... That's rich.

Petco hates its underpaid store employees. Or partners as they call them.