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A few days ago I went to my local petco which happens to be in Sandusky, OH. The grooming shop is viewable thru glass windows by all customers.

What myself and my daughter witnessed was appalling. The woman groomer hated her job so much that she openly abused a large poodle in plain site of customers. She pulled this dogs ears, grabbed his face and was holding his mouth while preceding to yell in this poor dogs face. She was centimeters from his eyes yelling.

When she wanted it to move she pulled its ears as hard as she could. I was appalled and disgusted by this womans actions. There were young children watching.

Bottom line: Never get your animals groomed at Petco.

Just because they have glass windows that yor can see them thru does not mean that they will not harm your animal.

Petco is disgusting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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I was fired today by a PETCO in TX. I have been a groomer for 26 years and gave worked for this store twice.

I am a canine massage practitioner and have owned and managed several salons. I took a stand against a bullying, dishonest salon manager who was friends with three of our store managers including the general and district managers. I was labeled a trouble maker and they fired under false accusations.

PETCO is a dirty company. They care nothing for the animals or their employees.


Petco has virtually no competitors as far as pet stores go and Petco prices everything higher than what it should be. Products found in other stores that are exactly the same as products Petco sells cost way less.

Petco highers *** because any expert would quit immediately. The workers that side with Petco will eventually make it illegal and unaffordable to own a pet. Pets will only be available in petting zoos. Notice that if you have a large dog or unusual animal, Petco makes it harder for you to buy things for them(even though they have a wide array of products including $200 cat trees that no one will ever buy).

Petco and animal control (as opposed to no kill shelters and rescues) go hand in hand. The peting zoos will eventually be run by Petco and its other store, Petsmart.


I keep seeing on this post I HATE PETCO! Problem is here that people who are seeing bad things(which happen in every company i assure you) arent doing anything about it.

Report your issue to coporate and keep reporting eventually a good person will hear it, contact you about it and stand for what is right. people now a days are too lazy to stand for what they belive is right. if you go into a store and the prices are lower elswhere then fine go to a lower priced store but if your seeing mistreating of animals fight for them!

There are lazy mean people out there affecting our every day life, be the good person and get legal justice this world needs to stay afloat. Saying I HATE is just bringing more hatred into this world


To PETCO Customers,

Please do not judge all PETCO groomers based on this review. We are trained to handle dogs with care and compassion. The problem with this one groomer is a widespread problem in the grooming industry in general, not just PETCO. Any groomer can have a bad, selfish attitude and mistreat dogs or rip off customers. The beauty with a store like PETCO is that groomers like that are breaking rules and can be run out if others will just step up and do something about it. I love my job. I work very hard, and I treat all of the animals and customers the same way I would want my pet or myself to be treated. I can't stand working with people with a bad or selfish attitude and I do something about it.

To other PETCO Employees,

You are complaining to the wrong people. This website can't do anything about your selfish, cruel GSM or your poorly maintained store. But you know what can? A call to the hotline. If you don't like something, complain through the proper channels. Coming from someone who's gone through it 3 times now for different incidents at different stores, I promise you that if you make a big enough stink over something that is legitimately against the company's policies, someone higher up will hear you and will do something about it. Don't get on the internet and complain if you've never tried to fix it through the company.


Why you should boycott petco:

They are now "writing up" and maybe firing employees that do not sell enough dog training classes. I don't want to be harassed about extras every time I walk in.

They are pushing employees so hard they don't have time to help anyone. Too expensive anyway!


I have worked for petco for 14 years. I have been in 5 stores.

The store I am in now is the worst. The grooming manager steals your commission. She takes all the dogs for herself. This Sat.

she had 10 dogs. I had 2 dogs & the other groomer had 2 dogs. We have told the GM & he does not care. She charges people less money for a BIG tip.

She does not clean.

The animal care is horrible. I am leaving Petco & opening my own shop.

NERVER shop at petco.


This is my petco experience a salesperson at our local petco clarence, ny sold my husband the wrong size filter.since it was xmas I didn't discover the problem until christmas morning. my husband returned it with a receipt. The manager there would only give him store credit because it was after 30 days even with a receipt. it was christmas time and my husband is not a last minute shopper! Every business extends their policy for the holidays!! It was also clearly unopened!

So anyway I take my store credit and purchase an eheim classic 2217 filter which their website states is instock they still do. 2 months have gone by no filter! We have tried contacting them, my emails get blown off. Annie B. Customer Relations Coordinator keeps telling me she will out of the office for 3 days call a rep instead. She acts like I'm bothering her. when we do call the reps lie over and over again saying that it is instock now you will get it. Guess what never happens. This is an incredibly bad company with terrible policy and dishonest workers. I will be contacting b&b also. I found this website as I was looking for the ceo contact info so I thought I'd add my complaint.

Also have found so many sad abuse cases unreal.why is this company still in business?


Rodney, Email me norcalnotary@gmail.com i mistakenly purchased an animal and I have issues with its health and I need help...

PETCO needs to stop selling pets!



I am very happy with where I work. Been here for over 2 yrs.

Petco actually provides us with most things that we need and as soon as we can get the supplies in. We are a tiny store but my coworkers are animal lovers to the heart and I have never witnessed any abuse and I have certainly never mistreated any animals. I treat customers' animals as I would treat my own babies. Animals are our first priority.

I am very sorry for the other two employees who have had bad experiences with the company... I have obviously had a completely different experience. I guess it just depends on how someone may view it... Maybe the groomer actually was talking to the dog or changing her tone so the dog understands.

It is all in a persons tone that communicates to an animal.

Though, I agree that pulling at an animal and hurting them is not excusable. I would never do that.


Kinda strange you all are bashing petco I use the petco in SANDUSKY for my dogs to be groomed mothly they have two great groomers there and all their managers know my dogs by name. Maybe she was was talking to the dog. i have NEVER been concernd for my pets safety and I get about 20 grooms a year.


Petcos CEO

Brian K. Devine

His numbers personel numbers

888-583-6044 x3046


tell him Rodney sent you


I am also a Petco Groomer. I've been with the company for 2 years.

I live and work in Maryland and agree that the company is so cheap. Half the things we need, we never get. My manager never does her dog properly and constantly mistreating dogs. When I scold her or ask that she stops, she uses the fact that she is the manager and older than me to get me into trouble instead of her!

Lucky for me, our GM was just fired and our new GM is very by-the-book. If you do something wrong, you'll get into trouble for it. I work incredibly hard to insure our salon is spotless clean. I scrub walls every other day, mop at least twice a day, sweep constantly, I am always refilling shampoo and cleaning while others pretend they don't notice the mess.

We just had a groomer tranfer to our salon from CA and I am grateful to have another animal lover, someone who works hard and is a team player. Hope things get better for Petco and all the salons out there


i first off want to say i to hate petco!i am a petco groomer i work in california,in our salon there are 5 other groomers we are all born animal lovers to the core,this salon i work in(petco) has no AC, the company is to cheapso they got us a box fan. we got black mold all over we never get supplies forcing us to come out of pocket way to often and we are not refunded by petco.

our washing machine spills dirty water all over the floor so clean dogs have to walk in it. we are pressured to sale services to the customes that we don't even have .my list can go on for days.Trust me the animals don't come first for this company.