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I have tried for weeks to get them to stop sending me 3 to 5 emails a day about their sales, promotions, giveaways and clearances. They say they have taken me off their lists but obviously I am not.

I have tried the unsubscribe link, customer service...eveything! They even prevent their incoming mail from being assigned as spam or junk mail. My mistake was buying a dog bed on sale. I had no idea it was a trap to get my email forever.

I will NEVER buy from them again.

I am being forced to change my emails. Sad, sad sad.

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I have never had any dealings with Petco (not surprisingly as I don't have any pets), but I get from two to five emails from them each day. Often these are offering free shipping. Would shipping to the United Kingdom REALLY be free, I wonder.


One day soon when I have a few minutes I will look up Petco employee/store email addreses and sign them up for Petco emails.


I get two emails from Petco each day and I don't recall ever giving them my email address. The links to unsubscribe do not work.

Like the other posters I, too, will never buy from Petco again. is the best.


i have the same problem, constant emails, never will buy there again.


This is definitely true. As Cincinnati says, neither the unsubscribe link nor customer service phone call works.

I have tracked all my junkmail for 8 weeks now -- I have 32 producers of junk mail and have unsubscribed from 20 of them. Of those 20 ONLY Petco has continues with mail after the unsubscribe process.

And their mail frequency (2 per day for me) is the highest.

As in the case of Cincinnati, this has prejudiced me against them.

I don't know what to do -- does anyone have any success with this problem?


This will make the second time someone in India told me that I was permanently removed from the email list, while I'm still receiving daily emails from them. After using email preferences to select "unsubscribe all," you get this rude notice: "If you unsubscribe from all, you will still receive emails related to purchases." That is why I've called (twice now) to get removed from the list.

There is no "contact us" or I would have used that also.


Same here! 3-5 a day, can't get rid of it. I will NEVER shop there again.


this is my life. I am over it.

They are annoying and have unsubscribed over a dozen times.

I haven't been to petco in years but yet they are still haunting me. Worst spam ever.


Same here. They are pigs


I'm experiencing the same problem even after unsubscribing to their emails. I've added Petco to my Junk Folder in Outlook and have changed where I shop for my pet products.


Yep same thing happened to me and I also took the same stance, never to shop at any Petco again.


Hi there. We're sorry to hear you're still receiving emails in spite of unsubscribing to our mailing list.

Please call customer support at (888-824-7257) so that we can look into this further and help. Best wishes.


Right! Give a spamming company your phone number so they can then spam your phone.

Unbelievable!!! Hey how about stop sending your spam e-mails or how about just sending once a week.


Is that the same call center in India that this number is? 877-738-6742 Both times I was assured that my email had been removed; actually, that the REQUEST had been made, and that they "hoped they would take my email address off." Not that they WOULD do it; they would apparently look at the request. I guess if they looked at it, they decided to keep sending me ***.


Dearest Petco,

Your company obviously has a problem that you do not take too seriously or you would have fixed it by now. Here it is more than a year and a half later and you continue to drive customers away with your emails related to your rewards program.

I too have tried to unsubscribe, call your customer service and even tried to email your corporate email address, which is not valid.

There seems to be no way out. So I will make one last trip into your store to speak to a manager to try to cancel my rewards program and am done with your company.