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I went to two interviews at the El Paso location in san jose. I didn't get a call back and didn't tell me why when I called them.

Didn't like the way the group interview went at all. Would like to talk to HR Manager about what happened. Thank u for your time. In the second interview a sales associate was asked to sit in an give her opinion and she has only been there for a month.

I said I really like the graveyard shift cause it is less stressful and I did it for a long time. She asked me "does that mean u cant work during the day cause you don't like to work with customers" I didn't say that, or mean that. I think I didn't get the job because of her giving her opinion. The fist time was the manager, and supervisor.

I just don't think my chance at getting the job shouldn't have been put in her hands. Will I get a response from you? I was even thinking about trying the third time. I feel so *** if I don't get it again.

My email is Thank you for your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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It was more than likely a sales position? Right??.....and you don't necessarily like dealing with people....I think they did you a favor


It wasn't. You're not good enough to work there