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I've been taking my dog to Pet~no in MOUNT PROSPECT for 8 years to be groomed. He is not happy when being brushed or groomed on his hind legs so it's in his profile to muzzle each time he is groomed.

Last time, a different girl groomed him & did not put the muzzle on properly & nipped her. When I arrived to pick him up, he was tied to the back wall & then the store manager & the groomer arrived & told me I could not have him groomed there anymore & to have him sedated & groomed @ his vet. No~way! So I contacted corporate & they must've contacted the general manager & she contacted me to apologize & invite my dog back to be groomed again.

So..... 2 months later, I scheduled an appointment Three days later, I received a call saying I could not bring my dog in for grooming. So, here I was @ the last minute....cancelled. Nicole would not groom him & Susan, the store manager lied to me the first time obviously.

Told me she would call me back & never did. Very unprofessional.

Eenie~meenie~minee~mo.....what can we do to entertain ourselves today @ our very unexcititng store???? hmmmmm.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

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First of all as a groomer. you should have your aggressive dog be handled by one groomer only and ask to stay or have him sedated and have your vet do it.

If he bit someone he would be considered dangerous. No groomer wants to be bit its not fun as you can imagine. Be a responsible pet owner and know who is handling your pet at all times.

or keep a muzzle with you and bring him in with it on and instruct to not have it removed. Dont make excuses for your dogs bad habits.


I'm surprized they willingly groomed your dog for 8 years. You should at least be happy somone was willing to deal with your pup. We do have the right to send away an unruly dog or an agressive dog, even cats, its in the best interest for the dog's and our safety. In all honesty the groomer(s) that had continued to groom your dog known for "nipping" or biting, whichever way you want to say it, could have been seriously be reprimanded or releaved from working at petco for breaking their policies.

I work with difficult dogs occationally, a few I've turned around and they no longer require using muzzles any more and some still need it but after their grooming they are sweet dogs. I do get some very bad unruly pups that I unfortunitly have to send to the vet, and even then its another groomer that has to work with them, not always is a sidated dog easier to work with, sometimes they can get worse. The vet near me recently had her finger bitten off from an aggresive dog. Our job is hard sometimes and sometimes its rewarding.

There are many things owners dont understand about grooming, it gets repeditive informing owners out there pets. But I continue to tell as many people as I can as much information possible about how grooming is and preparing puppies for grooming it is a life long task your pups need to get use to and hopefully they get a good patient groomer to start with, I've seen poor puppies ruined for grooming because of a mean or impatient groomer. I just opened my mother in laws eyes the other day, she wanted a yorkie and I informed her lifetime (10-15yrs) cost for everything food, toys, vet, grooming, etc. Including the cost of the puppy would likely cost $20,000-$30,000 , and how she needed to help perpare her puppy for grooming by playing with its feet and in the paw pads, touching the nails, touch its face and around its mouth, touching the gums and teeth, which helps the groomer out by letting the puppy know its ok to be touched there, she has since changed her mind.

Just keep in mind there are bad dogs and bad groomers for every good one out there.


You probably need to get your dog trained. Any groomer - corporate or not - has the right to refuse an unruly and aggressive dog.

Have you taken him to the vet to get him checked out? A lot of times dogs will be aggressive towards touch if they have a medical condition you do not know about. That's the first step. The next step would be to get your dog in a training program that you can attend. I know for a fact PETCO will not take you in their training program, I believe their policy is "When in doubt, refer out." So I am sure they have some recommendations for you.

Training saves a dog's life. The number one reason canines are put to death is due to lack of training.

Just wait until your dog bites a kid on the street, you get a lawsuit and your dog is court ordered to be euthanized. Then you won't be on the internet complaining about how PETCO refused you.


First off I groom some dogs that are very aggressive and warn bathers and other groomers about them. Second I WILL SEND A DOG HOME FOR BEING AGGRESSIVE!!

I can remember one time a german shepered comes in for a full service bath, the bather has a hard timw with her, but continues, them comes to me when she is getting the dog out of the cage to take home, it had bitten her in the face!! I took control of the situation and got the dog under control while its trying to *** me and gets its collar on and take it out front for the owner while its trying to *** me, and tell the owner you can't bring back your dog ever. What am I supposed to do? Let the dog *** a bather or groomer again?

I think I handled well. Just because we groom your dog or cat and wipe its lil A## does not make us your doormatt

thanks so much, have a great day !


You should be very glad that your dog was not quarentined or sent away to be put down. At any place and time if your dog is to attack someone then it's considered unsuitable for society and it's the way that you raise and train your dog...

you can easily train your dog at your own home by doing what you're supposed to do which is to brush he/she every day. Your dog was a risk to all groomers and was lucky to not be put down!


Train your dog! Don't blame the groomer because they don't want to groom your crazy *** dog!


Groomers have every right to turn away a dog that bites. Are you gonna pay their bills if damage is done to their hands and they can't work. Corporate probably didn't talk to the groomer first about the situation.