Staunton, Illinois
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Brought my dog to be groomed at Petco in Edwardsville Ilinois.It was his second time there. The groomer I had previously took off that day and cancelled my appointment.

The sub took my dog. I had the most expensive treatment Best of Show and Shedless.She said the shedless treatment would be an extra 25 minutes. The first time I was there it took two and a half hours. This time I saw the groomer out in front of the store smoking after an hour.

My dog was returned to me wet, dazed and unfinished. I also had to pay first.

Never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Grooming Service.

Monetary Loss: $71.

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You know that groomers don't groom dogs straight through right? There's a period of time where dogs have to dry before you do anything. Sorry you think people aren't allowed to take breaks.


Has it ever occurred to anyone that grooming is a skill that Petco does not pay enough for? You take your dogs to be groomed, because you can't do it yourself. I am sure it pays just over minimum wage, which is sadly not enough to care.


lady you are nuts. didnt know people arent allowed to take beraks.

and whhy are you stalking them waiting outside the store? let them do thier job


4 hrs, groomer on multiple smoke breaks, cut my puppy's hair way too short, never again!


Unfortunate, however dont blame it on all Petco's cause the one i go to does well with my dogs. I think the groomer was the problem, bad employee.