Conroe, Texas

I visited the Petco located in Conroe yesterday. I asked for a Lion's Mane for my Pom.

But I said specifically that I did NOT want his fur trimmed down to his skin. I asked for a a short coat to be left. I also wanted his nails trimmed and buffed. He was in their kennels for 4 hours before they finally got to him.

When I picked him up I almost started crying right then and there. He had absolutely NO fur left on his body. The lady that groomed him told me that what I had asked for was not communicated to her and that she could give me $5 off. I told them that I was completely unhappy and that was not acceptable and I should not have to pay for something I did not ask for.

I went inside to talk to a manager. While I was talking to him I noticed his nails had not been clipped. So back we went to have that done. At that point they started degrading me by telling me that my pet was a biter and has fleas...LIES.

I explained to them my pet was totally an inside dog. He is potty pad trained and NEVER goes outside of my apartment. They began to tell me how apartments are notorious for fleas. OMG!!!

I was so pissed off I was shaking. Back to the manager. After all was said and done I paid $26 instead of $56 but still feel like I have been completely wronged. After I got home I spent the weekend trying to get rid of fleas from his body.

I read in Pom book that taking trimming a Pom down to his skin can damage his hair follicles and that his hair could possibly not ever look the same as before.

Neddless to say, I am very upset and will NEVER go to Petco again. I will tell everyone I know about my horrible experience and will NEVER recommend Petco to anyone.

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I had a similar experience about 1+ weeks ago!!!!


OMG one of the biggest nothing complaints on this site.

The fur will grow back they cut it short so the look would last.

You complained to them obviously they couldnt put the hair back so you could only expect a discount...

And they gave you over half off and you still aren't happy?

Its virtually impossible that they GAVE ypur dog fleas since they clean the area between each dog!

"Complaints" like this merely water down the real ones. Please remove this nonconstructive clutter so consumers can make informed judgements.


Exactly!!!!!! Discount provided and I'm sure the groomer felt like crap. Exactly why I don't groom anymore.


That's why he looks so sad...poor thing is on Iockdown.


I must say the cut looks very cute on your dog. However you let the dog do his business in the house on a pad? Take that pooch out for some air and let him see some sights.


You really must be unintelligent. Really?

They gave your dog adult fleas? I don't think so. Poms have really thick coats so that's why you probably didn't notice. They were probably VERY evident as they started shaving him.

You obviously don't know anything about flea infestations. Adult fleas are highly unlikely to jump from dog to dog (despite the common misconception). Even if an adult flea jumped on your dog, it would be one or two, not a whole colony! Do you think they sprinkle fleas on your pet as you walk through the door?

Come on, have some common sense. Fleas are found EVERYWHERE, including apartments. You can track eggs in from the environment on your shoes.

I had a really bad infestation once in my apartment, despite the fact that my cat was indoor only. Do the responsible thing and put your pet on flea prevention YEAR ROUND, not just when you see fleas!