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I recently placed an order, which had a stated delivery date of today, July 3rd. Just after 8 p.m.

today, I checked to see if there was any delivery, but there was nothing from UPS.

I then called called the Petco customer service number and spoke the young lady named Jen. She checked the order number and said that it had not even been sent out yet. What the heck? Why did Petco put in the large font for the delivery date being July 3?

Why did Petco lie to me?

I understand that the agent is not the only employee for your company, but why does Petco feel the need to lie to its customers? I had ordered 2 bags of Dr. Elseys cat litter and had already cleaned out the cat litter box today because Petco stated a delivery date of today, July 3. Now I have to go and buy a bag of Dr.

Elseys for my cat to have litter in its box this weekend.

Please tell me what supposed service you are providing your customers by lying to them. It is a disgrace. Every other company that I have dealt with recently has provided delivery dates that were spot on. One company even delivered my items a day early.

Needless to say, it wasnt Petco. Petco definitely over promised and UNDER DELIVERED. Oops, I mean did NOT deliver.

So thanks to Petco and its blatant lies to me, when I ordered my items, I now have to make a special trip to purchase more Dr. Elseys litter tonight.

I just want to say thank you Petco, for NOTHING!!! I will definitely share my poor experience with all my friends and family members.

Petco scored a definite 0 overall. However, in the ratings below, there has to be at least one star given.

Why? It was not earned.

User's recommendation: Avoid like the plague.

Location: Belleville, Michigan

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Hi there. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please call our escalations support at (888-824-7257) so that we can look into this further. We look forward to hearing from you.

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