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I have been employed with Petco for over two years and as a dog trainer for the last fifteen months. During this span of time, I was the only trainer on duty within the store. Because of this, I was forced to run classes multiple times every single day of the week, leaving myself without a day to relax. Although I did not agree with my GM's decision for this hectic schedule, I still dealt with it, due to the close proximity of my home to my store's location. During all of this, I was also relying on either walking or riding my bicycle, regardless of time or weather because I do not own a car.

Now, two months after my yearly contract expired, my fiance and myself were forced to move in with our parents in the country due to personal matters, leaving me to rely on him for transportation. He also works out of county, causing me to no longer have reliable transportation.

I have always loved my job and the joy it brings to the pet-parents I interact with everyday, but I am now finding it nearly impossible to continue my duties properly. For the last month I have tried working around my fiance's commuting plans, which sometimes leaves me stranded outside my store before the opening associates even arrive at 7am, and it is becoming exhausting both mentally and financially.

As I've been told with other many Petco's, our store's payroll is quite high, so I try to keep my hours as trimmed as I am able for management; but it is getting ridiculous when I have days where all my classes cancel, (such as with last week's blizzard), and I am forced to clock right back out and find a way to make the 40 minute ride back home.

This is exactly the reason that I gave my GM when I gave my "two-weeks notice" both written formally and verbally. I even promised to finish any and all classes currently in progress, even after the two weeks, as long I did not need to start any new classes in February. I explained that I am no longer making a profit with my job; in fact, I am actually losing money because of the cost of gas for the daily trips. To this my GM apathetically responded as "Sorry, that's life," and if I were to leave without teaching for another month I would be "screwing the entire store."

I am well aware that if I were to walk out, all fellow my associates would be forced to suffer the loss of profits, payroll, and hours, and I do not wish to inconvenience anyone else, but I am at my wit's end. My GM also told me if I were to leave now, I would be billed all the commissions that I have earned for this month.

Has this situation ever happened at anyone else's store?

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