Des Moines, Iowa
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DM Army Post Road Petco has a terrible fish dept. manager.

She grilled me about what kind of tank I had, how big it was, how many fish I already had, how big they were and tried to tell me what I could and couldn't put in my tank. It is none of her business what I have or what I want to buy. If they sell fish then I should be able to buy any of them regardless.

Just for the record I have had an aquarium for over 25 years. I didn't need her advice, my fish are just fine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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I had this same issue with an employee in a Beaverton, OR location. I have had tanks for a long time and she almost wouldn't sell me a fish because she didn't agree with how I home them. It was very rude and degrading.


There is a huge difference between being "helpful" and downright rude. Most people know the difference.

It sounds like some posting here haven't had the opportunity to be subject to the rude ones. If a person said they were being "grilled" then it sounds like she was doing more than just trying to be helpful. I wouldn't mind if someone asked me what kind of tank or fish, but depends on how they ask. IF they were actually trying to educate me, fine.

If they just want to tell me what I can and can't do with my own tank, then I think they stepped over the line. I have had 75 gallon aquarium for decades. I have had all kinds of fish living in there over the years. I suppose its possible but someone that has had a tank for over 25 years most likely isn't just putting goldfish in it.

Some of the workers have told me they don't even own fish at home. Give customers some credit. Most aren't out there just to throw their money away.

Trust me, there are rude customer service people out there in the world. Sounds like she was one of them.


Just because she "grilled you" on your current fish, aquarium size, and other things, doesn't make her rude and arrogant. Most people who come to petco, are CLUELESS when it comes to fish.

They try to stick an oscar, angelfish, goldfish, common pleco, and a few guppies in a 10 gallon aquarium. Most people have no idea about aquarium/nitrogen cycling, or proper fish care.

If you have had fish for over 25 years, you probably appreciate them and love them. I understand if you are an aquarium expert, and you feel annoyed being questioned when you feel like you know more them then.

However, would you rather the fish just be sold *** nilly to anyone who wants them, without any care whatsoever to where they end up? Most people just buy fish as disposable pets, if they die, who cares.

No one cares about their suffering, or the fact they can feel pain and get sick, just like people or furry pets like cats and dogs.

Just something for you to think about.

I don't work at Petco, never have, never will, and don't support pet stores that sell animals for profits only. I am though, an experienced aquarist of over 10 years, who cares deeply about fish and their well being.


Also, keeping fish alive for a period of 25 years doesn't really mean anything in regards to how well your fish are cared for. There are several fish, espicially goldfish, who can live for several years in squalid conditions, like a 10 gallon aquarium where they are painfully stunted and have fin rot due to the high ammonia levels.

My boyfriends parents had a goldfish for over 20 years who was kept in a 20 gallon aquarium. They believed they knew everything about fish keeping, simply because their fish had been alive for so long. There's a difference between being alive and thriving though.

Not saying this is your situation, but just to add some food for thought. I would of edited my previous post, but I was unsure as to how.


I hope this 'complaint' is not serious.. of course its her business to ask you about your tank before selling you an animal to put in it!

You should've been appreciative of her thoroughness and of the time she spent helping you! It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and ungrateful people are...


Wow...they are supposed to grill you, but when the tables are turned it becomes a huge "We can't talk about that. You need to contact Customer Service." Hmm....seems reasonable. NOT!


I work in Petco aquatics, and we are supposed to know how well you take care of your aquarium before we give you our fish. She was not being rude, she was just getting more information.

As said from the person above, we DO have a right to refuse a sale if we believe you are not taking care of your aquarium, so you don't come home, put your fish in the aquarium, fish die, and come back and blame us for having "sick" fish. You may be doing something wrong and may not be knowing it.


You are lucky she even sold you a fish. petco employees are encouraged to ask.

We have every right to refuse you a sale of a fish if we aren't confident in your treatment of fish.

we don't even have to sell small animals or work on animals if we do not feel comfortable with it. If you think them trying to help is rude then go to a petstore where they don't give a *** about their animals.


they offer a guarantee as long as your doing your *** right- she's prob trying to help you


I suppose you would be upset if you put an incompatible fish in your tank also. She's looking out for people who don't know what they're doing.

You should know this if you've really had a tank for 25 years.

Take a deep breath and relax instead of getting cranky so easily. Maybe you don't know as much as you think you do.


She probably asks because there are I.diots who put fish in too small of aquariums, the fish die and they want a refund! Duhhhhhhh


Would it have killed you to shut up and listen? Sometime you might learn something. She was being helpful, which these days is rare.


Sounds like she was just doing her job. How is she to know your important biography as a "master fish owner"?

People like you make a retail associate's job MISERABLE!

Thanks to you, the next person that comes in and wants advice, she may well be hesitant to offer any. GOOD JOB!