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Also Petco wouldn't pay for a check-up or an autopsy, or for birds its called a Necropsy to see what the cause of death was. Lastly, the doctor that was suppose to be checking the birds out, before they were put up for sale, never properly checked the birds out, and wanted me to pay a lot to have my bird checked out properly.

Petco refused to pay for this.

Petco and the doctor should have properly checked the bird before it was purchased. They shouldn't have tried to pull this scam.

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Petco, to describe the employees in one word, I would say fake. I would say fake because they don't care about there animals.

I am going to say my story and you will understand why. I wanted a new pet, but couldn't decide what. So a Petco employee convinced me to get a Parakeet. I bought all the correct supplies, and treated the bird and cage as instructed.

I had a perfect living environment for the Parakeet. The instructions for the living environment were to keep the bird away from drafts, fumes (such as Teflon pots and pans), and in a place where it has a lot of human interaction. The list of cage supplies that are required to have a Parakeet are, food and water bowls, perches, toys, cuddlebone, and millet spray ( for treats, but only a little treats should not be more then 10% of the birds diet.) I had all of these requirements. I cleaned the cage every morning, and no I didn't use any harmful fumes or cleaning products.

I just used water. I change it's food and water everyday as well. I took excellent care of the bird. To start my story, I went to Petco, bought a pet Parakeet, it died three days later.

Went back, and got a new one, but while I was there they said the bird would be better if it had a companion, so I bought two birds. Then, three days after I have these new birds, one of them dies. The night of the second birds death, I had called Petco an hour before my bird had died, and they wouldn't let me bring it to them, so they could try to save it. Earlier I said Petco employees are fake, I say this because they don't care about there animals, they only care about there paychecks.

Petco wouldn't take the bird because they were closing in twenty minutes. Overall, Petco is not the store to shop at.

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I had a similar issue. I had bought a parakeet from pet smart and wanted him to have a companion, I was at pet co at the time and fell in love with an albino one.

She lasted less then a week. Of course pet co wouldn't even let me bury her properly and so I had exchanged her for another.

She lasted 7months. She's had some issues but always got better.

It's been 3 days is and it's been hard.

The one I got from petsmart has never had issues at all and is still alive.

I've had him now for exactly a year.

Even if you want to rescue the birds from pet-co just know you will be in for alot of heart break


That's cause birds aren't meant to be in literally kills them. Stop buying the birds and encouraging the torture of animals


As an employee at a Petco, I genuinely care about my animals. I love them all and will do whatever is in my power to make sure they are healthy.

However, if a sickness arises, the VET is supposed to handle that. Not the pet store you got it from.

Also, your bird was probably stressed moving from one comfortable environment to a new, unfamiliar environment. So DO NOT blame Petco.


If it was stressed from the drive to someone's house, how stressed do you think they get being transported to petco?! In fact how many do you think got so stressed that they died before even arriving at petco? Dumb


Any pet shop that sells birds automatically does not care about animals. You are correct, the sales people are 'fake' but only because they are feeding you the company line.

Birds are not meant to be kept in cages anymore than a killer whale should be kept in a large swimming pool, The types of parrots and parakeets that we buy as pets are intelligent, sensitive and long living creatures. They were born to fly. While I applaud your desire to have a pet, caging a bird is cruel.

Tropical fish are more work but thrive in a well kept tank. I do not shop at Petco.


to whom ever tried to comment please try again because i cant read it