Grapevine, Texas

On Jan. 14th we took our 9-year-old English Bulldog for a bath only.

She had no health issues at the time we dropped her off. Within 35-40 minutes from drop off time, Petco called and said we needed to pick Bella up, as she was having trouble breathing. We arrived at Petco within 5 minutes & took straight to vet, where Bella could not be revived. (She was not breathing when we arrived at Petco.) The necropsy results say that her lungs collapsed due to a lack of oxygen!

She suffocated. Petco has refused to allow me to see the employee statements describing what happened and say that same are confidential due to possible litigation. I simply want to know what happened to my dog in the short time she was in Petco's care. If it is something that could be prevented, then I would ask Petco to train their staff accordingly or do not accept breeds that they cannot care for...

i.e., determining the signs of respiratory distress. I just feel that I have been lied to again and again then pawned off to the insurance carrier who is rude and horrible!!! I haven't made a claim. I just want answers.

My dog suffered a preventable disgusting death due to either the lack of knowledge of respiratory distress in bulldogs or simple negligence of not paying attention to her due to being busy with too many other things. I have prayed and prayed. I hope the silver lining in this tragedy is that another bulldog does not die due to the inexperience or negligence of groomers. I miss my Bella every day.

Research your groomers! When you check the pet in, ask groomer to described signs of respiratory distress.

Ask for the protocol for same. If the groomer can't give you the same answer your vet would, don't leave your dog!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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What is the matter with you!!! Anyone who claims to love their pet so much and doesn't file a claim against this company needs serious physiological help. Seek it immediately and don't get another pet, because clearly you are not a responsible pet owner.


Wow thats horrible!! Im so sorry for your loss!

That is truly terrible!

RIP Bella