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My poor little beta! I would like to think that I could have saved his life, but I think I was too late!

I am furious with Petco's care for their pets. I bought my betta sunday, october 12, 2014 from the petco in dedham, ma. He was beautiful, but you could tell, something was different about him (he was floating on his side and then would swim around the container). I put him in his tank, with beautiful rocks, plants to hide in, and the appropriate temperature.

He was my first real pet, I was so excited. But when I put him in the tank, I noticed that he struggled to swim to the bottom, and he kept floating to his side, like he was dying. So I looked it up. It was swim bladder infection.

It is caused by poor care, specifically: poor water conditions and poor eating conditions. I felt bad for my little guy and had spent the rest of sunday looking up ways to help him. I tried feeding him, and he refused to eat on sunday, monday, and this morning. When I returned tonight, Tuesday, October 14, 2014, he was dead.

I am so infuriated that my beautiful betta is dead. They clearly do not care for their animals at Petco. How could they let that happen to him? How could they treat him so poorly?

I know he is a fish, but he deserves to live and Petco could care less. My little guy was treated poorly and someone will pay for this!

Reason of review: Poor Animal Care.

Preferred solution: Look into the Dedham, MA Petco, and make sure all the animals are okay!.

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I wish I could post pictures on this comment, but I was going to buy 2 bettas from my local pet smart over 2/3rd of them were dead! I told the associate she said " they're lazy fish!" I told her they're dead , she then argued with me, I walked over showed her.

She then said "oh well!" Someone will buy them! I took pictures of them, she then asked if I wanted one? I said no, went to another store and purchased my two bettas! They have no knowledge of how to care for a betta, she told me I don't have to buy a tank I can go to the dollar store and get a bowl!

No they need at least a 2gal tank!

If you want them to live happily, also told me that they only need to eat a few times a week, well maybe that's why almost all their fish were dead and tanks were empty! Won't go back to that store for any of my pets needs!


Can you please call our customer support at 888-824-7257 so our team can speak with you about this further? Animal care is our top priority and we'd like the opportunity to address this issue.


next time you go to buy a fish, don't buy the one that looks like it's kind of drad. You said the fish looks like it has a problem.

So tell a employee about the fish that you believe had problems. then in turn by a healthier looking fish.

doesn't sound like a problem on the company's part. It just sounds like you don't have any common sense.

Which is a you problem, not the pet stores problem.

Your a turd


I believe it is unfair to assume those people don't care about animals. And you cannot diagnose a condition over the internet, if that is the case then webmd always tells me I have cancer.

Who buys a fish if it is supposedly floating on it's side? Why not bring it back immediately?


Sorry for You but i believe you got home too late to make the transition into the new container!! I believe the fish was alive and swimming normally when you bought it.. Hopefully you can give more love to another fish or pet


Hi dciv320. We would like to assist you with this matter.

Please send us at socialsupport -at- petco -dot- com with your contact information, including phone number, and details regarding your experience. Thank you.