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Hello around the holiday's your so busy with the hustle and the bustle of the festivities.I wanted to treat my 3 year old shih tzu brindle Beanie bearz for a spa date at petco.I dropped her off a little early she was fine,when i picked her up 4 hours later she couldn't open her eyes .They told me she had a reaction to the chemicals and put drops in her eyes when i got her home all she did was whine and she could barley open her eyes.I called the store immediately told them what was going on.They said the store was closing call tomorrow if shes not better.I called the next day the store manager acted like this was no big deal and i demanded something be done so they gave me number of a vet they use they got beanie bearz in emergency turned out she had coronary ulcers in both eyes this happened Thanksgiving weekend still fighting with them.

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Actually, we are required to wash a dogs face with a tearless shampoo as well. We use eye wash before and following the bath too.

I can only speak for myself, as a groomer, that I care for every pet that comes in as I would for my own pets. Many of my coworkers are the same. I have met many careless groomers in the past but they are long gone from our petco salon now. I have to say, it may have been someone's small mistake that had caused such a issue.

Whether it be the groomer who forgot a single step in the process, or maybe the customer was unaware of any allergies her pet may have had OR failed to mantion to the groomer any allergies. I know we as petco employees are a team and are looked upon as a corporation, but it really comes down to each and every one of us individually. I understand the horrible situation you have endured and I feel terrible that your baby is in pain. Though, you are angry with one employee, I hope you understand not all of us are the same person.


I hope Beanie Bearz recovers soon and I am deeply sorry for such a bad experience. I assure you, we love all pets and are happy to serve you and your baby as best we can.


That can happen when the shampoo gets in the eyes. We always use a tearless shampoo on the face but even tearless shampoos can cause ulcers.

Eye drops are recommended before and after the bath. I don't think tearless shampoo and eyedrops are a policy at PetCo.

It is a strictly enforced policy at PetSmart.

Hope your baby gets better soon!

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