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I went with my friend to PETCO over the week. She was asking the staff for dog food recommendation.

All was fine until she saw some really beautiful fish by the fish section. She wanted to buy one or two since her aquarium at home was empty. The fish station didn't have anyone to help us. We walked to the cashiers and asked for someone to help.

We heard the request go over the PA but we waited for practically a full twenty minutes and no one came to help. We saw a worker and asked him to help us. He told us that he was going to get the person who was in charge of the fish station. We waited and waited but no one came.

We eventually left. Wasting almost half an hour was not worth it at all.

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It wasn't okay, for them to leave you waiting for that long, but they frequently only have two people on staff. It is not the employees fault that there weren't enough people, and fish can be tricky.

If you have no experience with them, it's probably not a good idea to try to help a customer with them, thus the reason the employee went to get the aquatic specialist. I don't work there, but I frequently shop at one for my kitty. I feel really bad for the employees. They never have enough staff and the customers can get really rude.

And I still don't see why people feel a need to mention how much they spend there. Your hundreds are just a drop in the bucket.

Helena, Alabama, United States #618514

You ever come to think that maybe we are busy with other customers that were there before you? First, the cashier cannot leave the register unattended.

Second, the other associate probably does not know much about aquatics, hence that's why they said they would get the aquatic specialist. Third, the specialist must have gotten stopped in their tracks by another shotty *** customer.

Your a *** ***. You have to wait.

to Anonymous #620385

this experience happened to me too. i wanted to buy a scorpion from petco and asked a person (who happened to be the manager) to help me and she just replied with a no.

I was really dumbfounded with the answer, so i asked another worker to help me and he also responded with a no. NEITHER of them gave any explanations, and the manager even told me to come back later because no one wanted to handle the scorpions.

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