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So I scheduled my appointment for my puppy cockapoo, Kip (he only weighs about 6 pounds)to get a haircut, then my best friend died in a car accident so I had to re-schedule. I called and told them that that day wouldn't work, they asked me why I had to do it another time and I told them because I had a funeral to go too.

They sounded mad that I was cancelling, when it was a week in advanced before his appointment. A few days later I called to make an appointment for that Thursday, she obviously was new because on the phone she sounded confused and didn't know how to run the scheduling program. After I had the day confirmed and everything was right I told her thanks for working with me and to have a nice day. I went to take in my dog Kip on that Thursday and walked in and the dumb lady at front said they didn't have my dog even schedule in for that day!!

Then she turned around and asked the other to groomers is either of them would have time for Kip that day, and one of the ladies ignored her and the other one said she had to leave early and that it would be an inconvenience. So then the lady was like well i'm not sure why it didn't get put in but I can schedule another one for you. I told her no, and that I don't plan on coming back. I don't even have words to explain how rude there staff is.

They don't care about the customers or their dogs. I will not be returning to any PETCO's.

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