Grand Junction, Colorado

Last pay check was on 3/23/15 and today is 4/20/15 was a employee of store 1412 in grand junction,co was the aquatic spec. Just tring to get payed so I can move on company is very unorganized have you spend you time and money on the phone with HR to get payed and no help store mangers tried too.They have outsourced the HR dept and they have no power to fix anything.

Now they are telling me that my money is one a pay card that I have never recieved so I have been payed that's is messed up! So please tell me how i get this fixed!

P.S. I don't work there anymore i don't work for free!

Reason of review: I am or was a customer to spent a lot of money in this store.

Petco Cons: Poor customer service.

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*** petco. I work there for less than minimum wage with the Money I have to spend on blade and scissor sharpening and maintenance!

They just keep cutting their groomers pay and wonder why they can't keep any of their groomers? *** their cheap *** right in the ***


Aquatic specialist is a *** job. I'm one and I want to quit.

Basically the position is for everyone to *** on. Apparently it's policy to write up the aquatic specialist for things that happen on their day off.


Hi there. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please email these details and your contact information to so that we can look into this further. Best wishes.