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I placed an order for a large item that appeared to be on sale, paid for it via PayPal, and then they cancelled the order. The email they sent said "Note, you have not been charged for this order."

That's alright, I thought. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Then I glanced at my PayPal account and found the charge. Completed. No refund.

Annoyed at this, I called their support number and spoke to a girl who told me that refunds are NOT automatic and that they will process a refund for me within 24 hours.

Today, I called back in due to a lack of a refund. They informed me that no such request was filed. They'll be certain to file another one for me, though! How nice. I asked them what would have happened were I not to have called in. They said that there wouldn't have been a refund.

So, if you paid for a cancelled item with PayPal, you may need to call them to get your money back. Otherwise, they may well keep it while telling you that they never charged you.

Does this sound like fraud to anyone else?

Monetary Loss: $34.

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