Newton Highlands, Massachusetts

I just received an email from a Boston lawyer with regards to my dog's broken leg that happened while being groomed at Pet co in Needham Ma. My claim was turned over to Sedgwick claims management.

Please Google that company. My words can not describe their "company's polices". I am allowed to express my opinions. Today my review disappeared from Yelp's website.

My poor service companion dog has taken a turn for the worse. Does Pet co even care about pets? My heart breaks every day for her and I am left without any help. I relied on my "special possession dog" Her leg is worse and I took her back to the vet for some testing as to why she is getting worse.

Some fluid was taken from her leg while she was sedated to check for infections. Please pray for my dog, Winter

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Website.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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If they got a lawyer they must be afraid of what you can really get from them for this.Maybe you should get your own lawyer to best look after your interests.Prayers given.


My dog has a sweet face like an Italian greyhound but she is a standard greyhound and a service dog. Please DO NOT bring your pets to Petco for grooming.

There are many reports of pets being injured or killed at Petco's grooming salons. If I had only known......................................................


That looks like an Italian greyhound. That's the breed I have. This saddens me.