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I purchased a $100 pet gate at the Orange CIty, FL PetCo. The gate didn't work for me so I took it back the next day and the clerk remembered me.

However, I couldn't find my reciept so her manager refused to refund my money and gave me a gift card instead. I told her nope, it was on a credit card so it is easily tracked just refund my credit card. She refused with a little smirk and walked away.

Oh and by the way, I found a better quality gate that actually works for under $50 at Home Depot. So, unless you want to be ripped off, pass by the Orange City, FL Pet Co.

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I hope you pursued this.. That's not right.. They count on people not wanting to bother so they get away with stuff like this.


You can't expect them to refund you something without a receipt. That's standard retail practice. Take store credit, it's not the end of the world


PETCO needs to catch up to the times. For years, if I've needed to return anything to Lowe's, and it was purchased with a card, they find it in moments, and give me the cash.

This is true of items bought even months before!

Good Going Lowe's! Shame on PETCO!


@Former Petco Manager

It's against policy to look up receipts! Duh!

Again, this is an LP issue. Losing your job isn't worth it. A gift card is not the end of the world.

The customer will eventually need to get food for their pet anyways! They can use that forsaken gift card for that!

Former Petco Manager

All the clerk would have had to do is call the manager who could look up the transaction in less than a minute on the back office computer. A little inconvenience, sure, but it would have made the customer happy.

Some customers act entitled to everything, sure, but this poster sounds like he or she made a legitimate mistake and misplaced the receipt (heck, I've done that many times!) and it would have taken just a minute to find the receipt for the customer in the system.

I get that working retail sucks, and you're jaded, but what ever happened to GOOD customer service!

Come on people! No WONDER Petco has such a terrible reputation with managers acting so self-righteous!


So, Ex Petco1614 Manager, should Manager have to put his own job in jeopardy just to appease the customer who couldn't hang onto their receipt and expected someone to break policy for them because of it? Trust me, if this manager were to do this for every customer that walked into the store without a receipt expecting money put back on their card or to have cash put in their pocket, he would be escorted out the door by Loss Prevention before any of us could blink.

These policies are in place for a reason.

If this customer is as "loyal" as you paint them to be, they are aware of the return policy and what they are entitled to if they are unable to locate their receipt for a return. There are a lot of shady returns that walk through the store of just about any retail location, and if every store just took the "let's give the customer whatever they want" approach, all of our stores would be out a considerable amount of money.


I would advise all customers to shop anywhere other than Petco. Their return policy, NSC, and Field Management all suck!!

Go to Petsmart or Home Depot!!

As for manager that posted, you must be new and have not had to SCREW a loyal customer yet!! Just wait, it will be soon!!


It cracks me up how customers feel that they are above a policy! Petco (as well as every other company out there) has policies in effect for everything.

Guess what: our return policy within 30 days with original receipt in order to get refund in the form of original payment. After 30 days, or no receipt you get a gift card!

Sorry but your unhappiness for failing to keep up with receipts in order to get your money back is not worth our job!

When you do an exchange at Walmart or Target without a receipt you get a gift get pissed off at them as well?

We all have jobs to do, and we have policies we have to follow to do our job! I wouldnt care if you were the President coming in receipt you are getting a Gift Card!!


At least at Walmart or Target they look up any credit card transaction. As for Petco if good customer service is what gets a manager fired then I will take my money elsewhere.

An ex- loyal customer until I read what the managers of Petco think of us.


That's what we do in our Petco store, too. It's company policy - just like about every other retailer in business.

We do get a few suspicious returns and they're the ones who complain the loudest about getting a gift card instead of cash. :grin