Phoenix, Arizona

Took my 12 yr old toy poodle for appointment grooming 11:00am 06/23/2014, when I arrived I met with the manager Shawn, and she told me my pet would be ready by 4:00pm. and she would call me to let me know.

When I went to pick my pet, no call, I found Shawn and another employee outside the front door smoking cigarettes, and I asked her was my pet ready to pick up. She told me he wasn't ready yet, that he was being groomed by a student, which she indicated that she would be groomer at the time I left him. She said, he would be ready in about 40 minutes. I returned and he wasn't ready until 6:45pm, she kept telling how great my pet was, but didn't bring him out at first.

She stated she wanted to use him for student training, because he was so well behaved. When one of her employees brought him out, he was cut to his skin, and she said the student was new and she was charging me only $46.00, not the usual $52.00, I asked her who had butchered my pet so bad, and she did seem a bit apologetic, but never explained why she let a student work on him. I gave her a $20.00 cash tip, she thanked me. When I got home with my pet, it was obvious he had the worst groom ever in the 12 yrs we had him.

I'm very disappointed and do believe PetCo should be aware of this. I could explain better if I was talking with someone. I hope this may help anyone with a pet in the future. I hope this doesn't make my pet (Rusty) sick.

If you could see the hatchet job done to him, I do believe you would be concerned. Thank you for your time.

Don Wallace. My home phone number is 623-241-4658

Product or Service Mentioned: Petco Manager.

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My friend works for pet club. They allow completely inexperienced people to groom unsupervised.

They do not pay their trainees anything so there is no incentive to try very hard. My friend has been working with dogs a mere 3 months and is now considered a groomer and takes clients. The other day she brought her own dog to pet club.

He came home with bordatella and gave it to my dogs. This place needs to be shut down.


Horrific. Make sure you take him to the vet and local cruelty investigators and law enforcement.